Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by trickywoo, Apr 1, 2006.

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  2. I have a blade,was never too keen on the looks of a busa.However,may i say...good purchase sir,may you have plenty of fun riding.
  3. 'Busa goes like stink and corners like a ferry! Personally not too keen on the Jellymould look, but a bad bad baby nonetheless. OT slightly, went up to Infinity in North Camp yesterday and got me a set of Dainese leathers in prep for the summer. Lovely.
  4. haven't got one but flung one around a couple of times, gorgeous machines, I found nuetral was a bit too light to hit on it though, butmaybe just my mates but I dont know, seemed far too easy to slip past it but when you open her up its like nothing else
  5. Bloody thing just left me stranded on the A27 at Shoreham! Looks like a pathologically lying fuel gauge. Not a happy bunny just now.
  6. Might be best to call the AA or RAC, mate ..... not sure ARRSE has recovery service.
  7. Hired a Hayabusa to go to Nurburgring in 1998 for the World Superbikes. Awesome machine. We nearly cooked it however, drunk, at night, took the end cans off with a crowd of germans round us and holding it on the limiter :oops:

    i now have a Gixxer 600 however, more than enough for road use!

    ive attached a nice piccy of a Modified Busa i saw in the Isle of Man last year at the TT. Sorry for the quality, it was nightime and i was sh1tfaced!!

  8. Had ZX12R before current bike (tuned ZZR), probably the best bike I'll ever ride, corners far better than Busa and equally as fast
  9. Bovvy - Direct Line akchully but your sarcasm is welcome.
  10. Jagman - after only 90 miles I've got to say that I prefer the Busa's cornering to the ZZR11 D1 I had a few years back. The ZZR had far less wind noise (I'll get a bubble for the Busa) but in the turns the Suzook feels far more planted. (Especially on the back of a truck!)
  11. That's one ugly motorcycle.
  12. I agree. My wife's fukcing hideous too but she still goes when she has to.
  13. Had a ZX12R A1 (un-restricted) which was a serious tool, the ZZR has to be worked an awful lot harder which makes it more fun :lol: currently puts out 143bhp at the wheel and will hit 200mph on the clock, somewhere over 180mph genuine, can be a bit of a bitch to ride though 8O

    Been toying with a Busa this summer but undecided as yet, think the ZX will take some beating
  14. Jagman - agree with all that. The new ZZR looks stunning too.
  15. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Soddit !
    I thought this was a thread about an African warlord.