Hayabusa or zzr1400??

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by xpat, Dec 18, 2009.

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  1. Kawasaki is tops

  2. Suzy all the way

  1. Bored with the SV, I rubbed my thighs on each of these at the NEC bike show the other weekend and am now in lust. Can't afford both, but which to get? Help!
  2. All depends on what you want my old son.

    2 up touring with a world of luggage at a million miles an hour. Got to be the busa all the way. Old one not the new shite.

    Want to go everywhere at a million miles an hour on your own with a little bit of luggage 02-03 R1. Want to hang about posing telling everyone you are the fastest boy on the block. Then something modern with an arse higher than a drug dealers 15yr old girlfriend.

    I got an 02 R1 and it has fired me and a small amount of luggage around Europe for a good few thousand miles.
  3. ZZR
    No contest really, its a decade newer in design terms and is just so damned pretty......
  4. Which bike fits you better?
  5. The Hayabusa is a great bike to ride. But it is fcuking ugly in comparison IMO.
  6. Get yourself an Enfield Bullet mate - 80 mpg!
  7. ZZR for me too. As said before, the rear end on a Busa is hideous!

    BUT, have you looked at the Triumph Sprint ST? May not have the outright top speed (When will you ever need 197mph) of the other two but as a bike that does everything, and is fun, and has plenty of "extras" to turn it into a top tourer, a scratcher or a commute bike.

    Triumph got "Top Manafacturer" last year and for a good reason. Also cheaper insurance :)

    Just a thought.
  8. ZZR every time
  9. Yeah, ZZR it is.
  10. have you ridden one mate?

    If at all possible get a test ride first. I had the predecessor to the ZZR a Zx12R, now it was fast as fcuk, the only bike I have NEVER managed to get flat out, had it up to 190 but ran out of clear motorway in germany. :evil:

    However as fast and agile as it was it was still a big heavy bike and because it was so fast it would get up to incredible speeds but took a lot of 'planning' for the bends, ie when to start my braking etc etc. On a few occasions it very nearly caught me out as getting the speed of for the coming bend was friggin hard work.... 8O

    Had it for 2 years and toured all over europe, but switched to a CBR1000RR blade and what a difference, not as powerfull or torquey but blisteringly quick and light... different world... But as is usual got bored and a bit fed up with the racing crouch (age catching up with me?) and have switched to a Z1000, as usual incredible kwak engine stomp and nice and comfy.

    Obviously its your choice but get a test ride first before laying out the dosh. Suppose its horses for courses but for me its gotta be nice and light and good handling. A couple of mates have ZZR's and Busas and my blade and Z1000 'pissed all over them' in the twistys..... :p

    Any way good luck, ride safe.. :wink:
  11. If I had to choose, I'd go for the ZZR.

    Just factor in tyres into the budget.
  12. Don' give a toss what you buy,just stay away from the A2070 in Kent,Aholes like you can't even negotiate the slip roads without kissing the Armco. Every weekend regular as clockwork in the summer,2 or 3 end up in the local NHS.

    All Shithot in a straight line,but learn to go round bends first,much more fun! :roll:
  13. What the fcuk? How would you know how the lad handles the bike?

    Tell me more, Valentino
  14. if you dont give a toss then dont read it!! blokes just asking a simple question, oh and zzr all the way!!!my mate hit just over the 200 mk on his. but il stick with my gixxer :)
  15. if you dont give a toss then dont read it!! blokes just asking a simple question, oh and zzr all the way!!!my mate hit just over the 200 mk on his. but il stick with my gixxer