Hay fever


so i'm filling in my medical form and it's asking about hay fever, I got it once about 2 years ago, and it never bothered me and i didn't have to see my GP about it. is that gonna bugger up my chances of joining up much, and how do I mention it in the best light, just be honest? hmm
answer the question honestly, as you have done here

Its not meant to trip you up

but your history of hayfever isnt a problem


was speaking to my uncle who was in the RLC about it and he said to downplay it because it could be a prob if you get it when in full NBC kit, which I can kind of understand, i think. thanks for the advice anyhow. now to get my GP to sign it all up quickly so i'm not waiting donkeys years >.<


bo.llox mate, i have grade A hayfever and im still in infantry, but my hayfever wasnt that bad these pass few years, but im still in and i did answer yes the the medical question of it, plus this weekend just gone i have been running in a nbc suite and gas mask in wales so i wouldnt wory bout it
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