Reference Image Hawker Harrier GR3 AIRFRAME 744

Some images of an aircraft I'm soon to make a model of, this aircraft was the 7th Harrier made, converted from GR1 to GR3 in 1974 at RAF Wittering.

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I'm dropping these in as Tangmere aviation Museum have asked me to make this aircraft as a GR1, 744 was converted to a GR3 in 1974 at RAF Wittering, she took part in the Daily Mail Atlantic air race in 1969, and won. So the 50th anniversary is coming up.
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I'm interested in these, as they are visible from the exterior, cables to and from the instruments in the cockpit dash. starboard side first

port side of the cockpit
some useful views of the rear main landing gear.

it's difficult to get a clear image of as it's hidden by the two large belly tanks


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