Having Trouble Deciding on A role/Corps HELP!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Cbeats, May 3, 2013.

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  1. Hi all,

    New to this forum so apologies if this post is in the wrong place!

    However, I am very interested in joining the Army, and have been to various recruitment offices/online chat/phone service to try and find as much information as possible, but so far the majority have been less than useful!

    The main reasons I am interested in joining the armed forces is as follows: Travel, Action, Excitement, Job security, Job satisfaction, prestege, Pay + Benifits.

    I would ideally like a job which gives a lot of scope for travel. Scope to be based for years in Germany and Cyprus and with the opertunities to be posted to ascension islands, afgan, Syria, Canada, America etc.

    I would also prefer to do as little in terms of qualifications as possible to be ready for my chosen roll. Having been studying for the past 4 years for my Accountancy Qualification, I've kinda had enough!

    The job roles I have looked at so far are as follows: Pilot (first and foremost, not VIA the Officer route, which is why I require another specialism first) Aviation Tech, Aircraft Tech (both req 4.5 years training? which is possibly putting me off, should it?), Logistics Movement Controller and Logistics Air Despatcher.

    What are everyone's views/opinions on these roles? I have heard the majority of the Army class RLC as "a bunch of lard arses", and basically don't view that corps as important.

    I am looking for a role which will allow fast progression through the ranks, with the intention of being recommended for Corporal and able to apply to become a Pilot before the age limit of 29 years (which gives me 7 years from today)

    I also do not want to do a basic job if it is not interesting at all. Chances are I may not make it as a pilot, due to one reason or another, which is why I am finding it very difficult to decide on a job which I could potentially be doing for the foreseeable future.

    To summarise I am looking for an interesting job, with lots of scope for travel, and the oportunity to progress through the ranks at a fast pace. I am also very interested in taking part in any adventure training I possibly can.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if you would like more specific information, or for me to reword anything, please let me know!

    Thank you in advance,

  2. What if you don't get to travel, have job satisfaction, security, promotion?
  3. Well, Ideally after training I would like to travel. I would be happy with for e.g over the 5 years after training to have maybe been based away 3 times, and have had the opportunity to do adventure training activities. Later in my army career I would then be happy with not travelling due to possible marriage, settling down etc.
  4. Pilot (first and foremost, not VIA the Officer route, which is why I require another specialism first) Setting your sights on being an Army pilot is commendable, but at the expense of your primary trade? What happens if you fail grading? Plenty do

    Aviation Tech, Aircraft Tech (both req 4.5 years training? which is possible putting me off, should it?) Directionalgiro is the man to speak to. Don't let the longevity of training put you off. If you don't believe you have the gumption to stick it out, it doesn't say much about being a pilot. It's not a 5 minute hop in the jocky seat

    Logistics Movement Controller You'll be as popular as a fat ginger step kid. You get to travel, but it's monotinous hum-drum work.

    Logistics Air Despatcher. Recruitment is far and few between and once you're in, it's dead-mans shoes. PM JP47, he's the one to talk to

    To summarise I am looking for an interesting job, with lots of scope for travel Won't be much of that in a few years

    Why not look at the Int Corps? There's more likelyhood of travel and progression there than anywhere
  5. You have been to recruitment offices.... but found the advice given less than useful? Maybe what they were saying is not what you wanted to hear. It sounds as if you want to fly up through the ranks, then transfer to pilot... but dont want to do the courses or training to do this. Reality check needed.
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  6. Its not that I want to progress faster than anyone else, nor is it I think I should have to put little to no effort into becoming a Pilot.

    The way I was looking at it in regards to qualification times, was the fact that I am now 22, If I was to train to become either an aircraft or aviation tech, That would take me to around 27 which would mean I would then have almost no time to try to progress to Corporal before I was 29 and still able to apply for Pilot. In fact, that is pretty much impossible.

    I have completed my accountancy qualification, despite the fact it took years to complete a course I wasn't 100% interested in. So, if I was required to study for so many years to do a job I was interested in, I would be more than happy to do so.

    I would however, be disheartened at the fact I never actually had a shot at becoming a Pilot, what if?

    The reason I looked into logistics was the fact I have a friend whos uncle served 26 years with the Army. He left school with 1 GCSE and went in as a logistics mover. He lived a very varied life of travel in various countries and left at the rank of captain as far as I'm aware, and is now working as some form of port controller in Africa on footballers money.

    I do not mean to come across as lazy at all, I am far more than willing to put in any work required, if it was going to stand me in good stead in regards to having an interesting career, with good job satisfaction
  7. In regards to Fat_Cav I did look into Int Corps, and it did look interesting. However, It seemed as though you would be right there on the front line with the infantry? Which is a bit far into the danger for me? I was looking to find more of a support role rather than fighting on the front line.

    Roles which required me to be on the front line, repairing vehicles, providing support to the troops etc, would not be so much of a problem, but I was not looking to be right on the front line if I could help it
  8. Have a close look at the Recce units, LG, QRL or H Cav.
  9. Join the Royal Marines. Do all the soldiering you could wish for then specialise as a Pilot. Fail the biggles stuff then you can do almost anything else the Army has to offer (trade wise) without restricting yourself to a specific trade/job before you join.

    What's not to like?
  10. The fact that I have a plated metal arm is what's not to like :( Very slim chance I would be allowed in areas such as the marines
  11. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    You could always try the air force?

    I hear they have a whole bunch of pilots.
  12. Yeah I heard that too, however I dont think I would like the RAF lifestyle. From what I have read/heard/experienced they are too "silver spoon up the A*se" yeah they may have better living conditions and mothered, but I don't think I would really fit in!
  13. If you have a plate in your arm, then there is a possibility that this will exclude you from the Army full stop, especially if it prevents you doing press ups or pull ups, as regardless of which arm or trade you choose, there is a basic level of fitness you are required to achieve.
  14. Mate, in about 18 months, there will be no 'front line' unless Cameron feels that he can support another foreign operation with our measly defences left.

    Pick a trade which suits your experiences, natural skills and motivates you.

    Joining up just so you can be a pilot is heard on this site time after time. The reality of you passing all the criteria, intellectually, physically and within the correct time scale to make grading is low and to then pass the course is another matter altogether. I worked with a guy who failed the medical at Cranwell simply because he was a gangly twat who was all mishapen when it came to limb length. He was a top bloke, bright as a button and motivated, but failed on somehting like that.

    Choose carefully but be realistic. The chances are whatever trade you choose, you could do that for the rest of your natural. Do you really want to be a X or a Y simply because if gives you the kudos of rank and therefore the slim chance of actually gaining your wings.

    Dreams and ambitions are good, but skant few turn into reality

    Just to add: Please stop 'hearing this' and 'hearing that' about corps/service's. You've either listening to ignorant ********* or you're mistaking banter for opinion
  15. Seems the Mail do get things right sometimes?

    Teenagers driven by material good but lack work ethic: 'fantasy gap' between actual earnings and expectations widens among graduates | Mail Online
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