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So the ultimate aim is to stop the arms plot and have everyone fixed in a role and location? The point being that 36 regiments will then be available at any one time. Kind of American in origin. I hate saying it but it kind of makes sense. Whilst it would never be practical to have more than 18-20 deployed at one time it still give more troops to play with. It will also ensure soldiers remain within their recruiting location and offer some form of stability. In these times of extreme overstretch (not matter what Geoff Goon says) retention is a massive problem area and stability will form a big factor.
Job losses and mergers aside it may actually work.

Another reason for our 'super'regiment' mergers is that the Americans can't remember all our names. It sounds like a joke but believe me the americans will work with the Paras and Marines because they have short, simple, memorable names. The americans point blank refuse to work with regiments with long-winded names, no matter how good that regiment is. They just want to hear that, "yes GI Joe, you'll be working alongside the "Scottish Airborne Regiment" or "South of England Infantry". They don't understand our regimental system at all and that costs us in terms of tying in with the yanks.

This all stems from something I noticed last year from serving with them. The US Army hold no respect to anyone within their ranks that does not have a Ranger/Airborne/SF patch on their arm. It's true. A bog-standard infanteer means nothing to them. They see the same with us.

Sad but true - This is Nomadcelt reporting from 1st UK Regiment, US ARMY
Volunteers required for the American foreign legion.
Report to your home counties recruiting office.
I don't know which americans you have been working with but the ones i am working with now have the greatest reapect for our regimental system and although they think some of the names a bit "quaint" they are not too stupid to realise the obvious benefits it has brought. Most of them are also only to willing to see the fact that just about everyone in the US army is "special forces" is a bit of a joke.
I've recently been working in a US 3* HQ and know this to be all too true. The US have no idea about our regiments.

Most of them do, however, see the whole Special Forces thing as a joke but the heirarchy do pass over those without Ranger/SF patches. It's crazy. There were women there with SF patches on because they had served with an SF unit as a clerk or linguist, not having done any of the training.

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