Having secound thoughts? need help?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by clarkie_ni, Apr 1, 2009.

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  1. Iv got my intake date in about 3 weeks time, but am having second thoughts and i don't know what to do! need advice?
  2. Assuming you still have contact with your careers officer, give him/her a ring?
  3. Go give it a try, what point pulling out now if you ain't even had chance to pull on the uniform.

    You got the 30 day grace period once you get there...I'm assuming your over 18. You get even longer if your under 18.

    I miss it more each day....just 1 stone to lose then re-app here I come!
  4. If you dont at least give it a go you in a year or two's time your will be wondering why you didn't
  5. am 17...
  6. Go for it ! Life's for living ;)

    Working in a call centre is a real mans life non of that namby pamby shooters and tanks and stuff. What you want is a nice cup of tea and your favourite slippers and the next thing you know you'll be able to ride on the buses for free.

    Two answers for the price of one. Arn't I kind.

  7. Make like Nike and Just do it.

    In the current state of affairs getting a job will be getting even harder, you've already got one nailed on come 3 weeks. As people say, you have that grace period, theres no point in not trying.
  8. Would you prefer to look back in years to come and say i wish i had tried it or would you prefer to look back in years to come and say i am glad i did it?

    Only you can answer the question mate, however you have the right to test the water and see if you can hack it first, it costs you nothing apart from some fighting spirit and a bit of determination, you get paid for your trouble and even if it wasnt for you then having done the mandatory 28 days prior to being able to exercise your right to discharge, you will almost have definitely picked up some valuable life skills ;)

    Again, do you want to be able to say i tried and it wasnt for me, or i had the chance and bottled it because i voted with my feet rather than my head ;)
  9. Sit down and make a list of everything you have to do before you arrive. Over the next 3 weeks, tick off the tasks as you complete them. Report on the day ready, and raring, to go.

    As others have already written, you have got this far (and lots of other people don't get this far), you have the job lined up, you will be paid, and you have a wonderful opportunity.

    Get on with it!

    Good Luck,

  10. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I can only echo what others have said. You will regret not giving it a go if you don't try. Its a life changing experience, for the better. It really is an adventure which will shape your life in ways you can't imagine. Go for it.
  11. ...and i bet none of your other 17 yr old mates will be on even your training wage. What you got planned if you dont go???....nothing?.....not much to loose then have you.
  12. lots of people would love to be in your position, including me! go give it a try if you dont like it then atleast you cant say ' i wish i went now'.
  13. I had a good run first time round and got out after a bit of 'tour' overload, after a bit of travel, some stonking lie ins and a change of pace doing a civvy job I burned out big time.
    I woke up one Monday in a panic, shot down the careers office and was backwards and forwards with paperwork for a few weeks before re-enlisting, I left the second time round after finally feeling like I had had a good, productive period and I had matured somewhat, give it a good go though mate, try not to shirk at the first b*llocking, get your head round being tired and achy, keep your eye on whatever prize it is your aiming for and you'll be fine, as a bonus unless you have 2 heads or shockingly bad dress sense you will get to rag a few scutters of varying skin tones and accents, you will meet some of the best friends you will ever have, alcohol will battle hard with oxygen for your affections and if you use the system you can leave with some good qual's :D
  14. You forgot the cheap fags and booze, you big silly.

    (Methinks Veni still lives in the 80s)*

    Truffles, you have the choice though. It's funny sometimes and sometimes it makes you cry. You will learn a lot more than if you joined the local butchery though.

    Sluggy xx

    *So am I.
  15. What are those "second thoughts" you're having?