having second thoughts

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by jack_b, Jun 9, 2009.

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  1. im all set to start basic training in pirbright on the 24th august...im joining the royal signals but my application has taken over a year so ive been having second thoughts if i really wna go ahead with it. everyone is expecting me to go so theres alot of pressure...the only other thing is im 19, working for my bird's dad in the building trade. i have GCSE's and an A level in maths but dont really know what else to do with myself

    am i right in saying that you should only join if your 100% certain? and not because its a last resort? :?

    any advice would be appreciated, thanks 8)
  2. Everyone has second thoughts, I did and am still here 17 years later.

    Sit down and write pros and cons, then make your choice, only YOU can make it.
  3. Just do it...

    If you do not like it it is only 4 years of your life... just treat it as an adventure..
    leave and you will be only 23! World at your feet with something to add to your CV...

    and in that time you would have drunk enough beer to sink a battle ship, made some good mates, have a mature outlook on life..

    You will regret it if you don't!

    Who knows you may just enjoy it and do longer?
  4. yh thats a good point, 23 and that on my cv would be great. that is a good idea aswell pros n cons. i need to have a really long hard think about it...

    ....any regrets u guys?

    and thanks btw
  5. Hey mate i also start on the 24th of august, and i'm a re-enlister, I left because i was having second thoughts too, but you will find that when you leave you just wanna get back in so if you had the guts to go in and join the army im sure its already in you that you want to be a soldier, and that your just nervous about little things like the change of life and leaving people behind,

    Plus if its anything to make you feel more confident, you can discharge as of right after completing 28 days in phase 1, although i wouldnt recommened because it takes bloody ages to get back in again if you re-enlist, plus the army life isnt anything like it is in basic, thats what everyone has told me :)
  6. I've been defered, and I'm gutted to say the least. I wish I was in your postion. I suppose second thoughts are natural but I suggest you try and get enthusiastic about joining up again and carry on. I only realised how much I wanted to join up after I read my deferal letter.
  7. What were you deferred for mate. God the thought of deferral is ripping me up inside. As far as I am aware I'm medically fine, never had any problems, but I'm still worried about finding something wrong I didn't even know about and it's gut wrenching because it's beyond my control.
  8. Im having the same problem now
    But my app has taken 1 month to
    ADSC and 4 months from walking
    Into the ACIO to going to training.
    Im off, For me its 4 years of life experience
    And 24 when I come out life should be pretty
  9. Also if I got deffered I would not
    Go back. Personally I would be crushed
    Having trained 3 months to wait a min
    Of 3 months to do it over again.

    Also note 4 or 5 people at my ADSC got deffered
    As there legs could be pushed back further than usual.
    Quite wierd and can't be controlled but just thought
    I'd say as it was the single biggest defferal reason.
  10. There's a saying which goes something like 'You'll regret the things you don't do more than the things you do'

    I should have joined just short of my 17th over 20 years ago - and I've regretted not joining almost every day since.

    Pretty much every soldier I've ever met, including close relatives, have been extremely positive about their time in.
  11. Man-up.

    Get in and give it your best. If you like it, great. If you don't, so what? You had a decent look at it. Don't be one of those boring t%ats who stands in the pub saying 'Yeh, I was gonna join up. I'd been accepted and everything so I know I could do it but then thought it's not for me'.
    They say it because they wish they had shown more spine and gone and done it but didn't. Don't have doubts about joining, have doubts about why you can't see it's the best decision you'll ever make by getting in.

  12. Agree with this, make the choice on your own.

    Dont look for other people to make the decision for you, easy to pass the buck then. You must have wanted to join or youwouldnt be posting on here now would you.

    Get amongst it, I bet that you will suprise yourself with what you can achieve when pushed. After all isnt that what the army is all about. Finding out what your limits are then going past them.

    Best buzz youll ever have.
  13. You do realise that you have a window of opportunity to make this decision during your training don't you??

    You have to complete the first 28 days at the training Regiment, at that point you have a period of time (normally until the end of training now) to decide if you have made the right choice or not, if it isnt for you then you vote with your feet, it wouldnt be reasonable to expect that every one joining the Army is going to love the experience of training and the Military lifestyle.

    Don't knock it until you have tried it as they say, and if you jack before you have tried it then you could end up looking back on your life wishing you had at least had the bottle to see what it was like ;)
  14. D.A.O.R is for the weak minded
  15. lc63 what you mean there legs could be pushed back further than normal :S? lolol