Having problems with the Beret Shaping

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Dan909, Nov 25, 2009.

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  1. All I got told at the unit was, dip it in water and shape it.

    Ive looked on numerous instruction sites, incl a few threads on here but im still having problems.

    I dipped it in hot water, then trasferred it to cold (still not sure what this does)

    Then put it on my head and pulled it, smoothed it over towards my right ear.

    But its still got (im not sure how to put this) not creases but bumps in it, everytime I pull them down they pop back up....

    Im sat here with a sopping wet beret on my head and it looks dog shit tbh, nothing like a proper one :?

    Any tips?

    Also is it a bad idea to try to make it dry quicker using a hair dryer?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. yes, dry it whilst worn, bumps,,,and what makes you assume the beret is exempt ironing?
  3. Try shaving the beret. Then, repeat the process of hot, cold, hot, cold, hot.
    Squeeze off the excess so it's not dripping loads, put on head, mold to shape of your head.

    Now, I have only used a hairdryer recently to dry mine in a hurry, but it seemed okay - however, I would suggest that if you have somewhere warm to put it - boiler cupboard or whatever, wear it and keep it in shape until it's nearly dry then remove it carefully and place it in there until completely dry.
  4. I dont know about ironing yet, I literally got handed a plastic bag yesterday with a brand new beret and cap badge then told "water then shape it" the lumps are like if you placed an open palm on your t-shirt/trousers then closed your fingers, theres little mounds of material.
  5. Thanks for that, Ill give that a try now, but what have I got to shave? all the green part of the beret?
  6. Just a quick point, whilst drying it off your head you need to put something in the headband to stop it shrinking too much, I used a mess tin when I did mine years ago. If its a leather banded one and it shrinks to much you will be buggered.
  7. Join the RAF. Job Jobbed :wink:
  8. Best bet is give it a go, then next week go in and ask your staff how, they should be able to show you pretty definitively.
  9. I read that too, It said "dont get the leather wet" (it also said it inside the beret) But there was no way of wetting the thing without getting the leather wet, it either dripped on it when I put it on my head, or just soaked through, So im trying not to remove it from my head in hope that it cant shrink if my heads in the way.
  10. This is what im going to have to do, Just best effort then if it still looks a dogs dinner, explain and ask for advice.
  11. Yep, the top. Just give it a once over. You just want to be taking the layer of fluffy crap off the top, don't shave it too much.

    The innards of your beret I take it have a black lining, and on that is usually a plastic bit with shaping instuctions sticker. If you have that plastic crap in it still, take it out. But don't take the lining out, you might end up getting bollocked for it in your training.

    Edit: About the leather band, sod making any attempts to keep the band from getting wet - It will. This may cause it to shrink slightly, but if you keep the beret on your head until relatively dry, then it shouldn't be a problem. If you find when it has dried 100% it is quite tight - work your way round the band, giving it a little strech from both ends.
  12. Thats the one!

    Yeah, ive ripped all that plastic out, and the sticker, Im left with a bow on the back (which I think I have to cut off....) and ive given the shaving a go and its removed a fair amount of green fluff.

    Ill get another bowl of hot water and go for another attempt.
  13. Small hand towel on the inside after shaping is finished,as said before hot/cold etc etc etc.

    Cut the black inner tack it over and restitch.

    Do NOT remove plastic instruction's,wait till you've passed!.

    If headband tight use a quallity leather wax/polish.
  14. You are full of shiite.

    1stly....remove the platic insert ASAP.

    2ndly.....don't wax/polish the leather band, as you'll look a cnut with a wax/polish mark around your head all through training. It will stretch back again in time. Don't worry about it shrinking that much.

    3rdly....cut/tack/restitch the lining?!?! WTF?!!
  15. Sorry me error :roll:
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    Or is it RICHARD HEAD :lol: :lol: :lol: