Having problems with finding out what my name is for recruitment?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Daniel00, Feb 10, 2012.

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  1. Title sounds silly I know, but basically I don't know what my straight up name is and I have a tricky situation, so here it is... I'm not going to use my real name btw just example of the situation.

    Birth certificate: John Ziggy Zaggy Adams [Ziggy and Zaggy are middle names, Adams is the dad's family name]

    From here i don't know the timeline of things, but

    Passport: John Higgy-Adams [Higgy is mother's family name and Adam's is fathers side]

    I also have a document which states my name was changed from John Ziggy Zaggy Adams to John Higgy-Adams and then further on because my parents got divorced to just John Higgy [Mothers family name]. This document currently doesn't have a stamp or signature because my mother was silly enough to loose it and luckily has copies of the document.

    I was only twelve when my mother changed my name legally to just John Higgy but now there is not a document in the world thats signed or stamped which states its legally/officialy John Higgy. But On all my certificates and gcse results it just says John Higgy and on others John Higgy-Adams.

    So on my passport its John Higgy-Adams and my Bank account is under the same name. So should i just say i put John Higgy for short?

    Please help out because i took the document to my recruiter because he isn't sure of my name and heh said the document is useless because it isnt signed or stamped so i said i'd get it signed or stamped but now im conidering just forgetting about it and going with John Higgy-Adams.

    What do you guys think? Messed up situation i know, but IM VERY THANKFUL FOR ADVICE AND REPLIES.

    BTW My name obviously isn't as silly John Higgy-Adams - sorry if anyone out there actually has that name haha, but cheers guys im stressing abit over it and just am generally thankful for anyone who helps out.
  2. If this isn't a wind-up, I'd just go with the name on your passport.
  3. Were your parents on weed?
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  4. My mum messed this up, on my life mate it's no joke i need help with it ?
  5. Does the deed-poll document not name who produced it?
    When did you first apply for your passport BTW?
  6. Sorry mate i don't know my mum sorted my passport out from a young age, i honestly have no idea, all i know is mentioned above
  7. Dan, go with the passport name, as that is legal ID. Phone your recruiter, and put the situation to them just to check.
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  8. I didn't read that bit. I was about to give you sympathy for having such a shite name.

    Erm...I'm not sure what to do regarding your situation. I'd probably just go with the name on your passport like Timble suggested.
  9. Go with the name on your passport as it`s a recognised legal form of identity, plus your bank account is in the same name.
    As the deed poll form which your mother has a copy of isn`t stamped, it cannot be recognised as legal in any form. There are as far as I know no central records of deed poll name changes, the only exception to this is if your mother took the option at the time of having the record 'enrolled', in which case there may be a copy of it at the Supreme Court of Judicature.
  10. What does the copy of the document say?
  11. Basically statements from my mum saying the following

    I got divorced to dick adams blah blah blah on the blah blah blah so i changed my sons name to john higgy-adams then because john hadnt had any contract with dick adams so i then went on to change my sons name to just john higgy.

    Basically that, there used to be a signed and stamped version apparently but god knows mate, i have a bank account and passport and some certificates with john higgy-adams and other certificates with just john higgy.
  12. I had a similar problem when I enlisted. My birth certificate was under my biological dads surname but I was raised from 2 years old by my stepdad and had been using his name almost my whole life. School certificates, doctors records, bank card all had step dads name. I had a piece of paper called a statuary declaration of change of name drawn up by a lawyer when I was 16 to have my step dads name on my passport too. When enlisting the army put on my forms my name as it appeared on my birth certificate but recorded that I should be known as my step dads name. This is going back 10 years now and pre JPA so have no idea how it would work now.
  13. Does anybody know if this is going to be a big deal when i tell my recruiter? Because so far i have just been using the name John Higgy instead of John Higgy-Adams is this going to now cause a big problem? Dreading my interview on mondays now
  14. Have you security cleared yet?
  15. Whats security cleared? I have done medical and everything and PRE-ADSC and my first interview, have my interview with the head of my recruiting office and Monday and have Lichfield the week after hopefully.
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