Having a Wah of a time at the Imperial War Museum.

Was anybody baby sitting a batch of freshly head shaved recruits at the Imperial War Museum this Saturday?

Mrs Boomers and I were stood by Mathilda tank exhibit in the main hall, when this posse of young recruits saunter up behind us (two of which were banging on about how good the SA80 was! So this immediately caught my attention) the conversation went like this

1st young Squaddie “ Daz ….that’s a tank init “

Mrs Boomers “WAH “

Me “aw …Sh1t”

2nd Young Squaddie looking baffled at Mrs Boomers “ Yeah I think so”

Mrs Boomers “Tw*T “ walking away and leaving me on my own with them.

All day these guys were behind us going around the exhibits saying stupid things like “ is that a gun Arron” at which point my lovely lady would utter a loud Wah! Other members of the public were convinced that she was having some form of Tourettes.
You've got her well trained. :D

I wah'd the mother in law to be, at the weekend and she just looked at me. Much like the rest of the family.

Why is it she hates me again? :D

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