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Having a tug - dry or wet? opinions please

so, knowing what a bunch of onanists you preverted lot are, do you prefer knocking it out dry or wet? and your reasons for each! please feel free to elaborate if you use more unusual or exotic techniques

of course, no need for sexism - the ladies can join in too! although i will presume moist is universal

please, NO photographic evidence!
Having a thrap in a hot shower can be very detrimental to ones sense of balance.
Apparently if you do it in a very hot shower then steady your breathing when you get close and relax your stomach and shoulder muscles it makes for a pretty impressive (albeit exhausting) climax.

Otherwise, do it wet, lube up your fist then fuck it, close your eyes and imagine its the virgin bottom of a gorgeous blonde or something.

look this is how it's done. i came up with this idea when i was about 13. either wet or dry, just use your normal SOP's and just before you're about to paint the ceiling, get a nice length of tissue(any) wrap it around your nob like you would wrap a scarf around your neck, resume and when you shoot it is absorbed straight away. no mess no hassle. my mates have given me wierd looks before when i explained it to them but i swear by it and i've given the idea extensive testing. it does leave a vulnerable hole at the top though which i get around by just pinchin the tissue together at the top creating a kind of roof. it's kind of like a poshy just with tissue.
I was once told, many, many moons ago, when I were a young 19 year old Sodjer in BAOR by an old and grizzled 15 year Lance Jack. that if you did not have an occasional thrap.... yer gonads would fill up, increase in pressure and 'blow' like an oil well at some awkward time, like the very moment when the Razzman was doing the pre-barrack room inspection before the Colonel came around.....

Of course, I become a regular ononist in the barrack rooms along with all the others....... So, as I come into my dotage now, 60 something... one has been unable to break this habit of a life time..... So Matron at the school was right...... It does make your hair fall out, and you do become a tad deaf in later years........

I wonder if the lads... still do....?? Which reminds me... I have to get a new battery fitted to my hearing aid.... not so sure about the electric thrapping machine..... I wonder if they do one on the NHS for the over 60s.....?

1. Get into a nice hot bath.

2. Large erection poking out of the water like an island.

3. Place a fly, sans wings, on your bellend.

4. Thrap away ensuring fly doesn't drown in the bath water.

5. Make sure the bathroom door is locked. (Otherwise she will scream and call you a pervert. Maybe)
Posh Wank- Fap one out ina condom ,splat,splat, roll off job done. waste of a good condom but thats what makes it a POSH wank as ure payign like £1 per wank...unless your al gore and recycle it

nothing beats abit of your missus spit and body areas for a landing strip for our knuckle soldiers tho

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