Having a problem with a CFAV

Dear Signals peeps

I am an ACF Sgt Instructor.

Need help to verify the claims of another instructor about service in this regiment. He may have served at some point, but I think a 'Zero' might have been added to the length of service figure, and a promotion or two in his redbook.

This bloke is very keen, and doesnt mean any harm, but he's getting out of control now, and is embarrasing us publicly.

I don't normally do 'Walt witch-hunting' but this bloke is a liability and he has already (albeit unintentionally) caused cadets to quit my unit. He also thinks he knows better than anyone else in the sector, and will not listen to any advice or received wisdom from others. He openly contradicts other instructors, and on a recent skills weekend actually managed to contradict every adult instructor on the camp, despite being shown the ACF version in black and white!

I can PM you with many more details. Please help! We need to get him back down to earth, or mag to grid if he doesnt play the game!


rtfm-fool said:
irregardless of whether his claims are true if he can't do the job or work with others get rid of the tool.
The problem is that the CofC are weak, we are short of staff, and no-one really wants to face up to the consequences.

What I am hoping for is something that will either temper him, humble him and put him back in his box, or make him sling his hook once and for all

If he wants to stay, he must do it our way, or its the highway!

Anyone out there can confirm if he served, and in what trade/rank/formation etc?
You could bluff him and say that you have it on good authority that he did 3 years and left before he could get kicked out. If you keep your nerve longer than he keeps his then tell him to bring his red book in to back up his claims and you will see what trade he was, what spec quals he had (underwater knifefighting assassin etc), what theatres he served in, ranks, medals, dates of service etc. You'll soon see whether he can back up any claims.

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