Having A Girlfriend In Cyprus

Discussion in 'Living Overseas' started by LFc.AJ, Aug 12, 2013.

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  1. Hey all,
    i'm currently posted to Cyprus and living out with my girlfriend who i have been with for 3 years. We are not married as we are both non religous and to be fair can't afford it on a signallers wage.
    As the only living out accomodation neaby are holiday villas we're living in one of them and it's costing me an arm and a leg. I've spoken to the CO about moving into surplus SFA and his answer was "No, as every Tom Dick and Harry with a missus will bring 'em over"
    Upon getting married my LOA will go up from £380 to £800 and i will save about £600 a month on rent and bills, all for a flimsy bit of paper.
    I've looked into domestic partenership and civil partnerships on JSPs and there looks to be no way to get her as a dependant unless we're married.
    Anyone have any advice?
    Looking forward to you "Just get married" replies
  2. I wouldn't get married just to save a few bob. You get married for the right reasons.
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  3. If you say it's "just a flimsy bit of paper" why not? You don't have to have a religious marriage anymore. However, if the only reason for committing yourselves to each other is to save money then maybe it's not such a good idea. When you're posted back to UK you'll be in the same situation. No free flight, no moving of furniture, no SFA etc.
  4. How on earth does getting married cost more than not? You have already shown the sums yourself.
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  5. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    It's not been necessary to have a religious wedding since the Marriage Act of 1836, so you appear to be a bit behind the times. That flimsy bit of paper brings with it a number of important legal rights and protections.

    Either get married or get a new girlfriend on arrival in UK.
  6. And Cyprus is dirt cheap to get married in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Either you're committed or not .............................
  7. fair point, i may have made it come accross a little cheap.
    we are in a great relationship apart from the money pressure and have been so for 3 years.
    if we got married i know her parents and my parents would like to make a really big deal of it whereas we would be content just being happy and living life.
  8. H/O T/O?????
  9. who comes onto a forum full of random strangers to ask if he should get married to his long term girlfriend? Surely the person to be talking to is your girlfriend?
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  10. Chin her off and move in the block then spend the rest of your posting as God intended - Bumming sluts in Napa.

    Edit: Cancel that matey, I've just read your post about your World of Warcraft guild - Hang on to her, you'll probably never get a consenting shag ever again.
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  11. Bit of a muppet arn't you. Firstly marriage is not a religeous thing. Have you not heard of people getting married in registry offices?

    Secondly, you don't seem to think marriage is anything but a flimsy bit of paper, so why not get married, it carries lots of benefits in and out of the army.

    So what is your real objection to getting married? Is it that you are using this lass as your shag in Cyprus and will bin her as soon as you bug out of there, but want to get the benefits of a pad without making the commitment whilst in Cyprus? Whats the real story?
  12. fair point, i'm more after advise from a military perspective e.g. if there's anyway to get around the dependancy status or cheap ways to get married without a big doo.

    spaz: every person i've asked for advice from the island has either come up with 2 options "Just Get Married" or the one you mentioned above
  13. I got married in Singapore so both sets of parents were unable to put on huge do...job jobbed
  14. So at what point will you make a decision? Are you able to make a decision? Are you like this at work?
    I feel marriage is not just a transient episode in a life. The money has to be secondary to the other person in your life or are you just planning this for this tour, scuba diving trip to Accension bank balance then hoof her on return to UK. You dont say if she's a local. That would have a lot of impact on her life.
  15. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Pop into a Registry Office, get the flimsy bit of paper and don't tell the parents for a year. Then buy 'em a pie and a pint.
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