Having a family?!

Every body beating around the bush here, as a former recruiter i would have not recommended you to be enlisted, a complete lack of commitment from interview one, the question i would always ask myself was "would i want to foist this individual onto my regiment?" Apply to the reserves .


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If you are talking about having a baby with a non serving man know it is possible, the military will do its best to facilitate things, but you will very much be the non-present parent, away at short notice for for long periods, you will be sidelined in a way that hurts serving parents, missing key growing up points and your significant other will have to accept being a very hands on parent with highly likely no family close by for help. If you are both serving you will find it far harder with families being vital to ensure neither of you lose your jobs when things come up at work.

Honestly the military is HARD to be a parent in, one friend is finally getting posted near his family and able to spend more nights at home finally and painfully for both him and his wife, his kids are angry and rejecting him because they don't like the change - they love him but they are used to their mother all to themselves.
Have a baby first. Then you'll be too knackered to enlist!


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There is a reason you cannot find others with experiences on a par with your expectations.

oh no, they exist. You are unlikely to find them on here.
It wouldn’t be me left to parent alone tho as I’d be the one I. Armt? Havent you read it

I'm not sure your spelling or grammar will let you pass the entrance exams anyway.
The military is wanting people who are motivated to give service to their country.
Your motivation sounds more Married Quarters and Creche.
Hmm, interesting story has the OP been rejected for council/housing association accommodation?
Bit fecking drastic wanting to join the army just to have a sprog, still she should find no shortage of sperm donors if successful in her application.


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this went well
this went well
I despair at the incredulity of the OP's post. I wanted to say many things, most of them would have got one of the MODS weilding the mighty 'Ban Hammer'

Grateful if one of them could delete this thread before temptation gets the better of me next Friday night.... :shock: :shock: :shock:

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