Having a dog as an officer

Discussion in 'Officers' started by zigwie, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. Hi there. Could someone please clarify the rules on having a dog as an officer as I'm not too sure. I already have a dog and if I pass my main board would I be able to take her with me to Sandhurst or will I have to find a carer for the duration?

  2. I had a right dog as a Troopie once. Still, she was good value on exercise.
  3. no I'm sorry; that's no where near good enough to meet the required standard. Must try harder, no gash wahs.
  4. I would love to have a dog as an officer.

    Would beat some I've had before.
  5. If said dog is tactically aware, willing to listen and learn from it's SNCO's, and looks after it's troops it's good with me.
  6. I suspect that you may be rather occupied when you're at Sandhurst. It might be an idea to find a "minder / carer" while you are there.

    edit: mong spelling
  7. What? Your dog can press clothes and bull boots?
  8. Dogs are issued to wannabe officers, usually a springer spaniel, along with striped shirts and red cords, speak to the QMs when you get there lol !! :twisted:
  9. I opened this thread, assuming it was another whinge from RLC types about their female troop commanders...how surprised I was to discover it was a thread about YOs' auxiliary brain packs! There are a lot of officers out there who needed the extra capacity to make it through their early careers until they achieved "bluffer" and "FBIM" status!

    Zigwie - can you confirm that you managed to pass main board without dog assistance??
  10. Something told me this thread would be fun!

    I guess the OP has much to learn.
  11. Sandhurst on Commissioning Course - forget the notion and get a carer. You will be far too busy (even if the College rules technically permit it, for Officer Cadets, which I doubt.)

    Later in your career - it used to seem to be mandatory in some regiments / establishments to have your dog about and they are certainly permitted access to many messes - whether the 'Elth and Surfty people will allow singlies to keep pets will depend on the mess and the contractor. I have been in several recently that had an outright ban (including fish, hamsters etc, as well as larger animals) and one that allowed pets with the Mess Pres's prior permission.

    You may also wish to consider what will happen to your dog when you deploy.

  12. [​IMG]


  13. :lol:

    Sadly such self propelled auxiliary brain packs are now reserved for the use of those with the need for some form of intelligent life that will

    (a) actually listen without raising boring points of missed detail and logical flaws

    (b) really will be happy to see them again and again and again
  14. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    You won't be able to keep a dog at Sandhurst.

    Once you reach your first unit you may be able to keep a dog, depending on Mess rules, but you would be well advised to get your feet under the table before you bring the dog to live with you as you will often need to have someone to look after it when you are on courses, training, exercises and ops. It isn't impossible - I had a dog when I was a subbie - but you will need to know how the land lies.
  15. this thread makes me smile! how highly amusing the question is and yet the answers are the punchline :D