Having a bad day?????????

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by gtispanners, Nov 2, 2005.

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  1. gtispanners

    gtispanners Clanker

    Next time you are having a bad day think of this!!!!!!

    Your siamese twin's boyfriend is coming over tonight,

    He is gay

    You're not

    You only have one ar se to share between you

    CHEER UP IT COULD BE WORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. sparticuss

    sparticuss Swinger

    I'd get myself a good old chainsaw and hack the b-stard off !!
  3. Rowums

    Rowums War Hero

    far too painful, just use the chainsaw on the boyfriend.
  4. gtispanners

    gtispanners Clanker

  5. Rowums

    Rowums War Hero

    Ah, the answer to this is rather elimentary. You then proceed to cut off your twins hand. After all that wont hurt you, but having to cut yourselves in half would have
  6. gtispanners

    gtispanners Clanker

    is that not rather like cuttin your nose off to spite your face

    or in this case cutting your hand of to spite your brother
  7. Rowums

    Rowums War Hero

    Hold your horses, I assumed that we were talking about two guys joined at the hip but each with their own correct number of limbs
  8. gtispanners

    gtispanners Clanker

    Assumption my dear friend...........................the mother of them all :twisted:
  9. For those who may be married to siamese twins, if you refer to one as "my better half", does the other one get jealous?
  10. DeadShag

    DeadShag Swinger

    Does that mean one d1ck?

    What does that feel like?

    Whose d1ck is it?

    Can you give yourself a reach around?
  11. gtispanners

    gtispanners Clanker

    but would it be a reach round or just a simple w*nk

    this has far to many moral issues to continue
  12. Rowums

    Rowums War Hero

    I was thinking two fully formed guys, joined at the hip, therefore two penises or peni if you will.
  13. wedge35

    wedge35 LE

    Christ, don't boys...I'm becoming quite wet....
  14. pitbull

    pitbull Old-Salt

    So when it comes to shaggin, is it classed as a 3some? And if the twins are married to a lucky lady are they being unfaithful to each other and if one twin wnaks the other is this gay or just self masturbation? Help, I'm thinking about this too deep.