Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by roninxix, Dec 8, 2012.

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  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. I was posh and only had Bensons crisps

  1. I need some clarification on a very serious matter. A colleague of mine from NornIron is adamant that Tayto crisps have never been included in Havergags. Now we're all familiar with Panda pop, D shapes, Indig rolls and no-name kitkats, but laddo is 100% confident that these deep fried potato delights from across the water have never been included in havergags on issue in the UK mainland for range days and the like.

    Answers on a post card please. There's money riding on this.

    For those who's crisp recognition is poor these are are the offenders:

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  2. Yes, they are, and they always seem to be bloody manky cheese and onion in my lunch!
  3. I've definitely had them in horror bags before! It's the only exposure I've ever had to Taytos crisps... not to mention those dunking biscuits.
  4. Yup. Got them all the time in Aldershit and other UK places too.

    The cheese and onion flavour was so fucking strong the aftertaste and heartburn is still with me now...over 18 months since I last had any!

    The salt and vinegar ones are nice though, and seeing the guys from over the water getting all nostalgic over them is interesting.
  5. Taytos are the bollocks, or they were on summer holidays in Ireland...probably gone bland & tasteless if they've changed the design of the pack.

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  6. Interestingly, I had a haverbag while on PDT with 3 Cdo Bde and they had snickers and...wait for it...WALKERS crisps! Is that another perk of passing the Cdo Cse..?
  7. Yep, had more of them that I care to remember.

    The salt and vinegar flavour is notorious for sucking all the moisture out of your body quicker than the average Essex girl.
  8. The ones in the pic the OP has posted are the best you can get... from Tayto Castle in Tandragee! If you've eaten any from a pack that doesn't look like that then they will have been Tayto made in the Republic of Ireland (which are shiiiiite)... two totally different companies!
  9. Anyone else get 'Capital Crisps'?

    IIRC had a picture approximating the London Skyline on the front.
  10. Once on a range day with the TA a helpful and "humorous" SSgt asked if I'd like lobster thermidor for lunch. I replied that I'd rather have a shoe box full of shit. It didn't go down too well, but to be fair a shoebox full of shit was exactly what I got!
  11. Yep - They will usually be Cheese & Onion or Ready Salted...And are ALWAYS in crumb form!
  12. You get crisps in Horror bags these days??????

    Has the world fallen off its axis??
  13. Get tayto crisp in every horror bag had them this Sept on ADE cut out the roller/panda cola and seem to get water instead now