Haven't seen this anywhere on here yet so:.... Well done lad! Soldier who foiled raid

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chuffit, Oct 2, 2011.

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  1. Soldier who foiled raid honoured

    BBC News - Queen's Gallantry Medal for soldier who foiled robber

    Queen's Gallantry Medal for soldier who foiled robber

    An Iraq war veteran has been awarded a Queen's Gallantry Medal for confronting an armed robber in a betting shop.

    Cpl Jason Robinson ordered the thief in Birmingham to stop, at which point a gun was aimed at him and the trigger pulled, although it did not fire.

    The 27-year-old, who deploys to Afghanistan on Sunday, chased him out of the Ladbrokes and a mile down the road in the raid in August last year.

    His medal citation said he acted with "total disregard for his own safety".

    Cpl Robinson, a driver with the Queen's Royal Hussars, was in the bookmakers in Acocks Green when Shazad Mahmood began threatening staff with a handgun.

    After telling him to stop, the soldier ran towards him at which point the weapon was turned on him.
    Large machete

    Mahmood left empty-handed after the confrontation, but was chased by Cpl Robinson who only stopped when the getaway car was driven at him.

    But the soldier managed to record the vehicle's registration number - evidence which led to the robber pleading guilty in court.

    Mahmood, of Tenby Road, Moseley, was jailed for nine years in January.

    He had armed himself with a large machete in the same betting shop six days earlier when he stole £1,390.

    Cpl Robinson, originally from Peterlee, County Durham, but now living in Solihull, Birmingham, said: "I just did what anybody else would have done.

    "I guess I'm used to seeing guns and weapons, so I was able to realise the gun wasn't loaded."

    The Queen's Gallantry Medal is primarily a civilian award. Cpl Robinson's citation said his actions were "of the most conspicuous bravery".


    Fair doo's Cpl Robinson. A credit to the QRH......

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  2. Seconds before intervening, he said to the bookie's clerk "I reckon I can take him."

    The bookie's clerk replied "Do you want to put a bet on it?"
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  3. Well done & well deserved.
  4. Well done that man....Many congrats on the gallantry gong..

    I would be willing to wager that Ladborkes couldn't be bothered to reward him with a few quid not make a swift donation to a service charity.....
  5. For feck sake, have you seen the state of his beret? It's fecking perfect, now we cant have the
    ARRSE beret freaks rantin on for 26 pages about standards.

    Well done that man
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  6. "I guess I'm used to seeing guns and weapons, so I was able to realise the gun wasn't loaded."
  7. Good effort from the man. As Geezer says mind !
  8. Are you sure about that?

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  9. Ooops, ok bring it on :)
  10. No doubt the Paras will be along shortly. :)

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  11. He certainly has that 'Laughing because they haven't found the bodies yet' look about him. The fact he can run a mile gets my admiration, his beret though, I'd like to stick his and C/Sgt Vezza's next to each other and stamp all over them.
  12. Too quick to judge - Ladbrokes were very grateful for his intervention and rewarded him accordingly.
  13. The story's bollocks!

    When has anyone in the QRH, let alone the RAC, been able to run a mile??