Have Yourself A Zappy Little Christmas!!!

Oooh.. the possibilities are endless..

Do they come in bigger sizes?

Once more Canadian ingenuity saves the day... A company in British Columbia called Contech Electronics offers these happy, zappy items for the holiday season..

For your cat.. seasonal chores and festivities often disrupt poor Tabby's routine and, then, you plop a live tree in the front room and expect that he'll ignore this intrusion..Well.. now he will.. with the installation of the StayAway Cannister... a battery operated motion-detector senses a pet prowling about the missletoe and activates a burst of compressed air and a one-second warning screech..to quote the brochure " Animals run for their lives " [ that'll make for a calm Christmas ]..

This wonderful corporation also offers a bird feeder that whirls when it senses a squirrel, flinging the little bugger through the air...

and, no home would be complete without the welcome mat that teaches good manners.. by zapping pets with a ' mild ' electrical pulse [ not ' shock ' - too un-PC ]..

the Company Motto: Promoting Harmony Between Animals and Humans

Wow.. who'd a thought blasting them , screaming at them, spinning them until they puke and zapping them would aid in inter-species co-operation?

But, you know.. I can think of a few ' animals ' I'd like to try these toys out on..

Can we up the voltage on the mat for Jehovah's Witnesses and Amway Salesmen??
Is it just me or am I missing something about the so called canoodian "sense of humour"

eh? whats all that aboot terence?

you unclefucker :lol:

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