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Have your Eye bleach handy

'Even though one of Pauline's legs weighs more than I do, we're able to position her body to make sex enjoyable for both of us,'

How the fuck do they do it or more to the point why the fuck would they do it.

Saying that a bet a couple of arrser's wouldnt mind a try
With her habit of stuffing her face, I bet she can pull-off the most amazing blow job.

I reckon her stomach literally sucks the food down her oesophagus, so she'll be drawing on your hampton like one of those sea-bed vacuums the archaeologists use.
drop the sweaty fat bint out of the back of a Herc..........imagine the damage she would do....and the development costs would be small compared to BAE
All the posters saying they'd give her one, skirt round the question of HOW? Rolling in flour and aim for the damp patch will not work here, the dust cloud would preclude effective engagement.

Maybe some sort of GPS enabled guidance system, let's face it she ain't moving anytime soon.

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