Have your cake - but you cant eat it

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mag_to_grid, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. Similar thing happened to me on my wedding night! Went to slip into the new Missus and.... feck me.... polystyrene! The outlaws had given me an artificial wife. Apparently it's very common these days! :x
  2. "Who ate all the cake?"
    "Who ate all the cake?"
  3. They done the fat hippocrocapig a favour really. But she probably still had a go at it anyway!

  4. they had chocolate on it!!!

    alittle bit but still some!!!

    the maker was probably doing the husband a BIG favour as the misses looks big enough already..

  5. what weddings have a fake cake as standard?

    other than maybe gay weddings!

    you could make a fortune at gay weddings!
    turn up IN the cake and shout at the groom about how he was supposed to marry you after the creamy anal action you received last night!

    god the ideas are endless
  6. WTF has a chocolate wedding cake?

    Was it tastefully decorated with Wagon Wheels and Chocolate Buttons? Did they have jelly and ice cream too?