Have you written your Will yet?

Writing a Will is something you know you should do, but never get round to doing. Do you know what would happen to your estate if the worst happened?
For example, if you have a partner but are not married, your partner would not automatically be entitled to any of your estate.

NAAFI Financial in association with ProfessionalWills provides a free online service that can help.

Use the website to:
· Find out what a Will is
· Discover what would happen to your estate without a Will using our Intestacy Calculator
· Learn about Inheritance Tax
· Create a Will online

visit the website

We offer two types of Will writing:

Basic Will-Writing - £19
You answer questions through the website and your Will document is e-mailed to you with full details of how to sign the document.

Solicitor Approved Will-Writing - £50
This is a better option if you have complicated requirements. For just £50 you can complete your Will online and have it checked by a solicitor.
Spouses or partners can create a Mirror Will for just £20 extra.

For more information about wills visit the website, or check out Forces Sweetheart’s posting on wills.

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