Have you started a buisness in Germany?

If so was it easy going, any info sites worth checking out which would assist me in setting up my buisness (Stables). Selling up in the UK and wanting to settle in Germany when 22yrs done in 2yrs. I know about buying property in Germany as I have a house here but setting up a buisness is differnt kettle of fish :?

Any advice/info/help etc would be very much appreciated. :eek:
Get yourself down to your local Handelskammer. They'll give you all the info and help you'll ever need.

if you are still serving you need to ring the RETM at CTP Herford and get yourself on one of the one day information days, it gives you all the info about settling in Germany, work, business start up etc..
Thanks very much appreciated. Have heard about the one day things in Herford so will do once back of tour. 8)

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