Have you served? Yes/No/Branch/Time/Still in?

Have you served: Yes Waitered on in Officers Mess

Branch: Its part of a tree

Time: 22.20 Zulu

Still in: Clinging to the Branch

Do I get a prize????
Come on guys you two aren't classing time in the Scaleys as serving are you???
See Jarrod, it's working muhahahaaaa!

There's always some new people to the forum who'll have a go

Aha! A fellow scaley, now then... Fella


Book Reviewer
Me being a serving secretary is more credible than being a serving scaley.
The other day we had Infantry hanging out the back of our tab.. The shame! The shame!
Hanging out the back of you.....yep you have proved your a Scaley......let him through the barrier ....have you met Jarrod properly yet???
Of course. It's only REME time that counts for half.
Thats ok then i will cut it by half and still done more Regular time than you sprog :)
Of course. It's only REME time that counts for half.
Cheeky sod..very little of my time was spent scratching my arse, picking up litter, counting radio's and sliding off back to block, as far as the army goes, REME is a full-time job thanks to the average squaddie having banana's instead of fingers.
Defensive rant over and out.

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