Have you seen this nonce ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CptDanjou, Dec 7, 2012.

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  1. Is it Semper?
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  2. I wish they'd get the rank right...

    He was a Sergeant Instructor, an appointment for non commisioned CFAVs. Not a Sergeant.

    How was he cleared for the CRB with a domestic assault conviction?
  3. The windows thing is disturbing... was that occuring on camps/exercises?
  4. The OP missed a trick on this one. He should have lobbed it in the touchers forum so we could laugh at their tear streaked cries of "Foul" and giggle as poor old Woopert explains what banter is to a bunch of hyperventilating, creepy civilian fancy dressers.
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  5. CRB checks just show something is recorded. This should then be followed up. I don't know which is worse - if it wasn't followed up, or WAS, and a decision made that his conviction didn't matter.
  6. I havent read it in depth but rehab of offenders act means once its spent its not disclosed IIRC
  7. I thought the CRB told ALL. It is then up to the employer to employ or not. This isn't a job in kwik fit, but with kids or vulnerable people.
  8. I may not be remembering this correctly as it has been a while but I'm sure last time I applied for a CRB it explained the rule on rehabilitation of offenders, ill dig out the guidance notes unless someone gets there before me.

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  9. Reading the allegations against him, he seems to be either underqualified or too unambitious to be a CFAV.
  10. CRB does reveal all convictions, spent or otherwise. It is the powers that be to consider whether any such convictions (spent or otherwise) are relevant to the role applied for. Theft convictions may not necessarily prevent an individual from working with children.

    However I wouldn't let him in charge of the detachment petty cash, nor indeed the armoury keys!
  11. CRB and CRB enhanced are for working with young and/or vulnerable people. To that end there is no such thing as 'timed out' convictions. It is all revealled.

    The employer may then make an informed choice on whom to employ. As I said, these are posts and roles in which the holder will have (possibly) unsupervised access to children and/or vulnerable people.

    The rights and protection of those children and vulnerable trump the reformed chancers privacy. CRBs are not public documents, bt can be asked for by any establishment you go to. I had to carry mine when visiting schools for example.
  12. Its a typical southron problem.....northern kids would've eaten him!
  13. In a former life, well job I undertook a first aid course. On completion I was told I had to be CRB checked, in case I had to administer first aid to kids or indeed vunerable adults. In a small engineering firm employng 12 blokes and no kids I questioned it, to be told you may have to use it outside work!................Long story short I told them to stick it and pointed out I was merely first aid trained and hadn't signed the Hippocratic Oath. Fuckin world gone mad!