*** Have you seen this BEER site? ***

Before anyone starts attacking, I was asked about this ad, liked the site and the name and thought you might be interested. This is not commercialisation - no money involved!
As a questor after knowledge, can someone explain why there are sweeties in these packages?

What do Chuppa Chups and chocolate bring to beer drinking?

Posted in the knowledge that I am very likely to hear about a whole new fetish/perversion/aid to PBWs.
MrCheeks said:
Brilliant site!!!! about bloody time!!!!

Womens Lib???? Ha.... I'm off to burn my boxer shorts!!!! (they need burning anyway though :) )

Who cares about your smelly boxers, Beer site!!!!!!

I'm going to send the gift to myself
Further to my previous post on this thread, I have now tried a beer and chocolate combination.

It does not work (at least, not with McEwan's Export).

Going to have to rinse with more beer.
It's all about finding the right beer and chocolate combination.

Obviously this is something that will require a strong commitment to many hours of intensive research!

So far our own research shows that it's best to drink all the beer first then save the chocolate for breakfast...giving you a sugary kick-start to your day!!!
Brilliant Site, helps having the boss button aswell! Just had the big guy walking down the office, 4 of us on the site are now looking at health and safety results!
Hi All,

Just a quick update...

We now have an ON-LINE SHOP which recently went live (www.bunchofbeer.net). There's a load of new products, a heap of free downloads, new links to weird sites and even some brand new competitions...which are free to enter!

Thanks all for your support and feedback. Much appreciated.
Or perhaps you could pop down to Asda or Tescos and not have to pay £20 notes for a 6 pack and some snacks. 8O

And there would be less crap to cram into my already over filled package heavy bins 8O
Ranger_Danger said:
My_Arrse said:

Beer, snacks and 'stuff' all in a big tube! Just visit the web site at www.bunchofbeer.net for more info, cool web sites, competitions and other freebies to keep you amused.
All the beer and snacks in our house end up in a "big tube" anyway. I call it a husband.
Cracking! Made me chuckle. Where's all the choccy end up though? If kit-kats were beer, my Mrs would be hat-racked every day.

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