Have you seen the Walt in the Sun today

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by socialhandgrenade247, May 9, 2006.

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  1. Just been reading the Financial Sun today on page 29 the "news" is about a stag party being "ambushed" by the SAS crap storey but great pic of a Walt that the Sun is claiming to be a photo of a SAS soldier looks like Full Colonels are now being deployed in the field

    Web Page Name the sun

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  2. Where did that cap come from?
    Is that a "genuine SAS/Para/Marine" issue item as found on ebay?
  3. Great!!!! Does anybody know how many full Cols turn up for selection for "them"?
  4. ...and is that a genuine Brigadier's rank slide and fromer Eastern Block Army furry hat?

    (Cutaway...........is that your back garden?)
  5. "genuine SAS/Para/Marine" I could tell you although I don't like to talk about it, but I think you'll find it's to stop you getting paint in your hair when yer painting the boathouse...
  6. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Funk me!! It's 5.56mm!!
  7. Nice Airsoft goggles as well.
  8. And with an E-II-R on his rank slide he's an Airgun Attache.....

    The Scum - we support our Boys even though we haven't got a bloody clue about the military.
  9. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I once accidentally ambushed some ACF cadets who had got lost on a training area and come into our bit. I was unsighted when the ambush was initiated by one of my blerks, but we expended a considerable quantity of blanks, thunderflashes and Schermuly's and really only stopped when we heard them crying. Our excuse was that it was pretty dark and we couldn't tell the difference between their adult instructor's clapped out civvy Landrover and the clapped out military Landrover we were expecting. Ooops.
  10. and of course 'the enemy' often wear pink feather boas and have troops in wheelchairs....easy mistake to make.
  11. Ha ha, you're not the only one. :D
  12. Bivvied down in pouring rain on Dartmoor many years ago - several groups of us spread across a hillsied, each group with 2 on watch, trying to spot the DS sneaking up on us to perform a crash move. One sees some shadows appearing out of the rain, torh on (this was the Navy!) and issued the challenge "Navy - halt! Identify yourself!" Of course his companion also spotlights the suspected intruder and issues challenge, quickly joined by those on watch in other nearby groups - all happy that DS has been caught.

    Unfortunately, it wasn't the DS. it was in fact a Girl Guide troop(?) on a night hike. We soon realised this when they started screaming and crying. Captain of BRNC had to send an official letter of apology.
  13. Used to do a lovely three day duty at an ammo compound near Hildesheim. Heard that the guard was called out as the Duty NCO thought he was being invaded. It was actually a group of German scouts getting their woodcraft badge. Fortunately the fire starting badge had been done the previous week and somewhere else.

    Also heard that a gaggle of light armour had decided to use the woods by the compound as an exercise location. Did actually make a mess of the fence which upset the wardogs and the guard who were again called out to take on some Scimitars or Scorpions while armed to the teeth with hard boiled eggs.
  14. didnt some civis on one of those survial courses get mistaken for soldiers on a e&e exercise .And get interrogated for 24 hours till somone worked out what was going on .The idiots thought it was all part of the course .
  15. I bet that built some characters.

    And filled a few pairs of underpants as well.