Have you rang the JPAC helpline yet? Wot do you think?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by P3HO, Jul 14, 2007.

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  1. Rang them today.

    First time I got thru some bloke said he couldnt help me and forwarded my call. I waited and waited and then got cut off.

    The second time I rang the computer must have picked my call without telling the operator. It was like his headset was resting on the desk and the mic was live. I could hear all the office chatter. It was funny until the cackling young girl in the background started to tell her colleagues about an annoying caller she had. She waffled on a bit more and then they all burst out into laughter.

    Glad to know that we have moved forwards with this helpline and it is manned by a bunch of pisstaking hyenas.

    That was my experience. How about you? Is it an improvement?
  2. Case number. 10 days wait out. Nothing heard. Over.
  3. Sack the lot.

    Or put a few hairy arrsed squadies at the back of 'em armed with bb guns.

    The phone chimps will soon realise which targets are being met and which are not.

    Burn JPA too.
  4. I have tried without success for the last eight days to contact them (military phone no.) about a pay balls up.

    To try and and establish comms I even pressed the option for Gurkha retention matters just to try and speak to a human voice. That too resulted in a dead line.

    However, an e-mail via the on line JPA service, slating their response times was answered in 12 hours.

    JPA - I sh1t 'em.
  5. When contacting JPAC (except with corrdiniated FIRES) you should try to use the service request facility online (that is if your unit actually treats you like adults and lets you log on). Only 20% of phone queries are resolved and the majority are closed when the JPAC return the call and you do not answer.
  6. I will let you know in a few days when/if the promised back pay info-as requested byt he taxman) turns up or not.
  7. Good idea B-B will do when we get terminals in the next year for the lads to use :?
  8. Went on a visit to the JPAC last week and that is exactly what is going to happen, no query will be closed without the originators approval and timelines will be monitored by a seperate desk. :D
  9. The JPAC are staffed by a very nice bunch of people who are learning how to use JPA along side us - this is flaw number one - if they dont know the syatem then how can they help. Again most of the individuals have no idea nor any concept of what the military do, wehere we are or what is important and what isnt - this makes it difficult for them to put issues into context. Hence the usual statement, "I have logged your call and we have 10 (WORKING) days to get back to you" or "I have referred this to the back office". The Back office when you follow this through is in Gosport and have even less idea of what the Army do......................

    Dont beat up JPAC they do try.
  10. The JPAC unhelpline are just a useless bunch of tossers. Sorry, but there it is! They close calls just because you are out of the office and so things are simply not resolved. It's also quite interesting that once something has been escalated to the IT team then there is NO timescale for resolution. It could take them 12 months and there is nothing you can do about it to get it escalated further.
  11. I've given up calling and do everything via I-Support...which usually results in "Try calling and asking for option X" - Closed. :|
  12. I’m in shock, I had to call them today and my problem was sorted out by the first person I spoke to with no problems.

    Well done JPA, hopefully this is the response I will always get, but then again I’m not a betting man.

  13. Did they tell you to take 2 Brufen and apply tubi-grip :wink:
  15. Where else would a firm get away with such gross incompetance? Talk about "suck it and see!" We were promised that lessons had been learnt from the RAF and Navy experience and ours would be the polished article. What a load of bollix. JPAC staff learning as they go, cuffing, playing it by ear and soldiers pay up the creek with no obvious end in sight. Wise up Army!