have you noticed............................

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by 5.56mm, Apr 18, 2006.

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  1. that there are diffrent types of combats made by diffrent companys when washed they go a dodgy colour.
  2. 5.56... are you high on crack??? Infact, I think its BB!!!
  3. no im just not tired.
  4. Think its speed actually. friend of my wife had a 'problem' with it.

    use to completely gut, clean and reorganise their bedroom every night.

    could of used it in basic actually.........
  5. Theres no way this is happening.................
  6. It's actually a secret government experiment :wink: . How did you discover this 8O . You had better hide under your bed covered in tinfoil, the men in white suits will arrive shortly
  7. Try Persil. I hear it's just fab for colours!
  8. I found this, I washed my C95s in a muddy puddle outside farm seven one night when I got bored, When i woke up in the momring they had gone brown!
    What is more after a few hours of walking about they went grey!
    and after it rained they went back to their normal colours, but got darker!

    I think you are on to something!
  9. No, you've just been issued SF 'chameleon' combats which automatically change colour according to the environment.
  10. 5.56...

    ignore these idiots they are just takin the pish...

    in answer to your question, yes I did get combats that went different colours but I found a great cure.

    I put them in the wash on 90 degrees (ignore the care labels, they always have a bit of slack in them for safety sake)

    but the clincher was making sure I put enough bleach (proper clothes washing bleach is best but domestos or similar will do if you are in a rush) in the tray on the front of the machine as well as a plastic ball thing with persil colour (dont use the persil whites stuff or you will get a washed out faded look)

    hope this helps.
  11. Not called David by any chance?
  12. I find it most terribly, awfully annoying that all countries do not use the same cammo pattern.

    For instance, my local High Street PRI has East German Paratroops Pants at only £5 the pair.... But do they match my SAS smock?

    Do they heck as like.

    The Soldier 2006 (April) ones that do match are £17.99 (£20.00 for 40" plus)

    Unfair I say.

    Sort it out!
  13. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Why does different coloured combats worry you?

    It makes you look ally as f**k and like an old sweat.
  14. Who actually washes combats, I don't.......okay I do delicate cycle with a fabric conditoner that's soft on my skin & smells nice. I think it's the Cav in me. yeah I was with HCR in the sandpit, before any donkey walloper gags!! or is that too much to ask since you're all so very nasty to that nice 5.56.
  15. Mine were a dodgy colour when I got them. I think the dye spraying gear must have been a bit clogged up because I've got little speckles around some of the large coloured patches. I'm not one to cause a fuss, though. Rather than take them back to the QMSI, I just outlined each coloured patch with a black marker pen. Now you don't notice the speckles.

    Now that it's spring, its time to paint flowers on the combats to enhance the camouflage. I usually go for daffodils, but I'm thinking of trying tulips this year. Can I paint red AND yellow ones on the same set of combats? I'm not sure if the two colours grow together in the same field and I don't want some botanist sniper to spot an obvious mistake.