Have you just completed CIC?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by OldGrumpy, Oct 18, 2008.

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  1. Hi all

    If anybody has just returned from CIC could they please let me know how the course was and basically what to expect...

    Many Thanks...
  2. Returned under a year ago from CIC, but actually I think you should do a search in this forum for it, there's plenty of threads of information.

    Somebody will undoubtedly come along shortly and advise you to take some initiative, and to practice doing so by taking the above advice. Plus you haven't asked anything specific so it's hard to advise anything apart from look at your JIs.

    Sorry if that sounds harsh!
  3. fair enough, thanks for the advice... PS nice feeders...
  4. Show some initiative and do so by takeing the above advice.
  5. You have called the thread "just completed CIC".

    Not the best title if you are looking for info about CIC, is it?
  6. Let me apologise for the crap title... and obvious lack of initiative...

    I have looked at threads etc and felt that somebody who had just returned and completed October 2008 CIC could help with a heads up the course.

    Each course seems to take on a different plan etc...

    In a nut shell...

    What training was undertaken?
    How much physical?
    CFT's how many?
    How long in the field?

    I know a couple of lads who went on this course but I am unlikely to either see them or speak to them before I go...

    I completed CIC back in the 90's and any help and advice would be useful...

    If you can be more helpful it would be much appreciated....

    Thanks and luck forward to no doubt more criticism...
  7. Then go away and start a thread headed:

    "Just done CIC? Opinions, advice and feedback, please."
  8. On a related point...am I right in thinking 4 Para run their own CIC, seperate from the rest of the TA?(pulls on body-armour and helmet, jumps into trench and waits for incoming... :oops: )
  9. Yes they do, they run it just before they do TA P Coy and it is run by the P Coy staff I believe.
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Correct on both counts - 4 Para meet the CMSR requirements, but run by their own internal training team, and the P Coy staff for CIC and P Coy.

    The RTC run programmes do not include anywhere near enough fitness to get the Joes ready for P Coy. If we went the RTC route we would have to do the usual TA CIC , and then a further programme of beat up training prior to P Coy.
  11. PM sent regarding CIC questions (I was writing it here then thought ah, perhaps recent nfantry courses shouldn't be laid out on the web what with nosey Journos looking to twist stories, or maybe I'm being a twat) - to be honest there's nothing I could say that isn't in the schedule on the JIs, then they go through it for good measure in the powerpoint on your arrival.
  12. Any chance you could fire that info across to me as well?

    As they say 'Chance favours the prepared mind!'