Have You Had a Lucky Day?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brummieboy1, Jan 5, 2012.

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  1. Went into a shop to buy me Gt Grandson a birthday card, sorting through me change I saw that some arsehole had given me a foreign coin, looked at it again and saw it was an 1879 Victoria shilling! Result.
  2. "A British 1879 sterling silver Shilling (Victoria)(die number above date)(Proof FDC), uncirculated and in absolute mint condition could fetch up to £2,750 GBP."

    Source link below.

    What is the value of an 1879 British Shilling

    The poorer quality ones will go for a lot, lot less, but still a result!
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  4. .
    Before I joined the Army i was a green keeper on a golf course. Early one morning, whilst mowing the greens, a mate saw something glinting in the early morning sun. Turned out to be a top notch Rolex watch. Lucky bastard.
  5. Some bloke offered to give me shilling, and half a lifetime of getting fucked-about from areshole to breakfastime.
    Still, it was better than staying in Hull.
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  6. When I was younger my underpants were white but filthy. Someone advised to turn them inside out and wear them. Bonus extra weeks worth of wear
  7. I had a shit a few weeks ago and saw loads of blood in the bowel.
    I went from thinking I had cancer of the arse, to realising my missus had left a bloody tampon in the loo for me to shit on.
  8. when i was a scumbag student i was seriously behind on writing up my final year project (i had about two days left) luckily during a freak storm a few of the uni buildings were struck by lightening and some of the servers were humped. i had everything saved on disk but managed to claim everything had been wiped and got another 2 wks to finish.
  9. Oi that's busting that is. Was it loike 'un yaw mother gave as a kid?
  10. Great Grandson!? So the coin came from the same time period as you?
  11. Oom yam sposed te be? Yo doan sound nuthink loik me. :)
  12. Close. I've got 5 of the little gets, and another due to pop in March (the month not Lincs) plus, 18 Grandchildren, so there.

  13. Are you a rabbit or are your family from Pakistan?
  14. Probably just nothing decent on telly.
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  15. How did the tampon get into your bowel? Did you eat it, or stuff it up your arse? Either way, it's pretty sick.......