Have you had a female RLC Officer?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Stonk Rigid, Jan 31, 2006.

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  1. Having a conversation in the office and the question arose about who has shagged a Female RLC officer?

    3 out of 4 present had shagged one - 2 on camp and one on tour in Iraq!

    Would it be fair to assume that Female RLC Officers are the easiest?
  2. They are certainly the most "plentiful" (in every respect) and therefore statistically the most probable.

    In my limited experience of course.

    I would say that Infantry Officers are the easiest as I have only once in my life passed up the opportunity for a shag and that was in exceptional circumstances....................

  3. Never shagged an Officer, but to get light relief once you have
    returned back from patrol that in itself is good drills,
    Was shagging a then WRAC when based in Fermanagh, there’s
    never a better shag then one after an arduous patrol.
  4. I had a female RLC Officer once.... at least I think she was female, hard to tell with all that body hair....
  5. Stonk... You've never had a proper girfriend have you....?

  6. Oh go on Stonk - tell us all about it............

    "I've shagged loads of burds me...."
  7. There was one RLC officer who gave a certain soldier the come on big time when he made his move she then cried rape, the said soldier was eventually cleared but lost his promotion, his health suffered because of what she did, she then went on to another unit only to shag about with some other soldier she didnt cry rape this time. The first soldier found out, got a statement from this other soldier and took her to a civillian court eventually he got an out of court settlement for loss of wages he would have got through promotion. Not very nice all the same.
  8. Would never have happened if he'd taped it, after all thats only good drills! :D

    Edited as my grammer is crap!
  9. Methink Stonks may well be Sindey Smutt of Viz Comic Fame... go on... say "tits oot for the lads"... you know you want to...
  10. There was from AMF (L) in Kabul who got caught with a Lance Jack in one of the loos. I remember that she also had a pet Sgt (irritating Welsh F*ck from the MT). She wasn't a pretty girl. Very 'ladies rugby', slight 'tache, bit hefty as I recall. Nevertheless, Taffy Boy was never very far from her side.
  11. Howay noo Stonk ah dinnae mean to say you haddna shagged looooaddds of burds

    Go on tell us ahl aboot this RLC Burd then