Have you got your postal voting papers yet?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Apr 26, 2010.

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  1. Yes, postal voting papers received in England, Wales or Scotland

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  2. Yes, received in Northern Ireland

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  3. Yes, received in continental Europe including Germany

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  4. Yes, received in Cyprus

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  5. Yes, received in Afghanistan

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  6. Yes, received in any other location worldwide

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  1. If you have applied for a postal vote, your postal voting papers (a.k.a postal ballot papers) could arrive any time now.

    This is about the voting pack which includes the actual GENERAL ELECTION ballot paper on which to mark your 'X'. I am not talking about the acknowledgement you should have received if you recently applied for a postal vote.

    The key thing when they arrive is to deal with your voting papers and send your vote off without delay.

    Please take a moment to read the included instructions, and follow them with care. Apparently the most common mistakes, which will invalidate the vote, are (1) writing today's date in the place on the declaration form where you are supposed to write your date of birth and (2) signing the declaration form with a signature which is different from the signature you used when applying.

    Would you please use the poll to say when your postal voting papers have reached you. This will help to increase awareness, and encourage others to watch out for theirs and deal with them promptly.

    I've included Afghanistan in the poll, although I am not expecting many replies from there for obvious reasons.

    Any problems/questions about postal voting can be raised in the thread.
  2. I applied for mine on the last day that I could (Dont ask).

    I received my local papers last week but not the general ones, is this normal?

    I am in UK.
  3. The general election papers should start arriving now - I got mine this morning. The council election had been called some time previously, so there was less of a b^gger's muddle getting the nomination papers in.
  4. Recieved nothing, this is West Sussex.
  5. Good question. The local election timetable (for council elections in certain areas in England) is different from the General Election timetable and therefore it is feasible for some Returning Officers to have decided to dish them out in separate mailings.

    I think it should be OK. If you are a UK (or Commonwealth or ROI) citizen and are entitled to vote in your local council election, you must be entitled to vote in the General Election in respect of the same address.
  6. It is the same registration and the same option (normal, postal or proxy). Just a slightly different time-table.
  7. Papers arrived Saturday, completed and posted back today.
    Sunny Imber ; )
  8. Thanks for replies so far. The poll is already showing that postal voting packs have been received by some voters in mainland UK, and by one in continental Europe. I would expect more to arrive today (Tuesday 27th) and significantly more tomorrow (Wednesday).

    and bump...
  10. mine arrived today, have been completed and will be mailed tomorrow
  11. Received mine today, both general and council elections. Voted and posted already.
  12. Postal vote?

    Is that the new system where a nice and very helpful man from the local labour office fills your vote paper in for you making sure you put the x in the right box?
  13. Thanks, guys.

    I haven't received mine yet. I reckon a lot of people will get their postal voting packs tomorrow (Wed).
  14. Yeh, that`s right innit.

    No seriously, though. In my area it was tried out as an experiment a few years ago in a local election and I`ve received them ever since. As I live in a Tory ward but in a labour town council, I often wonder if mine gets redirected to the local landfill incinerator.
    This is not a clue to who I`ve voted for btw. :)
  15. A HUGE TURN UP FOR THE BOOKS. Our postal ballots for the local elections have arrived today, via BFPO post. Usually the ballots arrive too late or never even turn up. I know my electoral office has made a special effort because the serial numbers have been hand written. I feel honoured and think they are doing this for all their ballots being sent overseas, either that or they are fed with my complaints. In 2009 several of their postal ballots sent overseas disappeared into the ether – or perhaps it is those ballots appearing now……………too late to check, they are already back in the post.

    Let’s hope the really important general election postal ballots make an appearance soon because according to BFPO info they must be back in the post by this Friday or else no guarantee they will count.

    USA allow 40 days for their postal ballots to get to and fro across the world. Germany give their postal ballots an even better fighting chance with 6 weeks and we are stuck with just a measly 11 day window for printing, dispatch and return of postal ballots. How come other countries do this so much better than us?