Have You Got What It Takes


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I have a seat on the District Council.

NEVER heard of 112 in the uk?
Council seat for me too.

112 shows on some mobiles poet, usually when "Emergency calls only" is on the screen.
Budge up on that council bench - i'm on my way over!
The gravytrain that is the houses of parliment, here i come :D


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Feck, they've given me the throne !

I'd better go off for a dump.
I'm having the seat next to Dennis Skinner! I can throw things at Bliar and blame the Beast of Bolsover.
i can sit in paliament.
council for me didnt know there were so few celts certainly make up for lack of numbers by noise :)
This may being pedantic but I believe that Uk electricity is no longer supplied at 240V but is now more like 220-230V. I could be wrong though.
MP. Kill myself to escape from the shame or smuggle in a brick or two and introduce them to the dear leader?

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