Have you got the minerals to fight against an invader?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by arakan, Dec 5, 2006.

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  1. I'll probably get hung drawn & quartered for saying this on this site but here goes. Would any of you have the minerals to do what the ragheads are doing? When you consider the firepower against them would you pick up an AK and hide in a ditch to attack an invading power? Afghanistan or Iraq it matters not - would YOU do it if your country was invaded?
  2. Depends on who was doing the invading.

    I mean if it was the 7th Amazonian (Beerdrinking nympho) brigade then probably not.

    If it was the Spams then I would probably just watch as they shot the fcuk out of each other and then rebuilt the place and left.

    Of course if it happened to be the Jocks then pass the ammo.

    I realise this is not the sort of answer you where hoping for but it is 5 minutes to knock off :)
  3. Yes.
  4. I don't know if I'd have the minerals, the animals, and vegetables certainly, but the minerals.....
  5. Of course our government doesn't trust us with an AK so we probably would have to fight with minerals i.e throw rocks. Now that would take cojones.
  6. I'd agree with that steven fella.....

    Invaded by nymphos? great, sign me up to the nympho slave camp
    Invaded by septics, fire off the odd round and watch them slot each other in panic
    Anyone else, chuck me the gat, rounds and with a bit of luck some rations.
  7. Conduct a campaign of classic guerrilla style interdiction? yes. Go toe to toe with a numerically superior and better equipped opponent? no.
    Fools and fanatics just become martyrs, whereas, a concerted campaign of sabotage, ambush and assassination just makes the occupiers situation an untenable one.
    Now, wheres my Welrod and piano wire? :lol:
  8. Die for this country, this government and what they believe in defending it? NO!

    Die defending the people who live here? YES!

    And I wouldn't bat an eyelid at the moment because this thing has left me so hollow death could be a comfortable way to spend the rest of my life!!!
  9. As long as I get a box of mini-flares for personal use.

    And a lifetime supply of biscuits brown.

    In all seriousness, who the hell is going to say no if it meant keeping loved ones alive?
  10. Absolutely. If I also volunteered to put the noose round Bliar's neck, would I be considered a collaborator?
  11. I certainly would if it meant my family could sustaine their way of life and the rights and privileges that we have in this country
  12. You would probably have to go down to your local IRA pub, ask to speak to the An-phoblact seller and take him out for a few jars in exchange for advice!!

    I suspect if it came to it this country would fight, I hope I would, although as a copper my role would probably be along the lines of "whats in your boot then sir 6 old smg's, nicely oiled though, mind how you drive sir, nothing here Herr Feldwebel" type

  13. I joined up because I love this cr@ppy country, and would die fighting for it.

    Shame i've only been there on leave and courses in the last 6 years. I would probably be left in BF(G), watching out for rushkies!!
  14. I'd be on the side of the invader until I saw Blair and his cronies hung, drawn and quartered, THEN I'd take to the hills with my pointy stick to fight off the sassenach!!
  15. Also, would we get a chance to fight???

    I reckon the chavs, in their issue hoodies and lack of respect for anything in uniform, would be right in there. As much as I hate these little scallies, they coud be our own terrorist fighting unit (God knows they terrorise were my parents live).

    Long live the "Scally ban"