Have you got the lingo squared away?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by bucky, Dec 27, 2005.

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  1. Something that occured to me was the amount of otc type phrases I end up using outside the OTC in normal civvy street such as "His admin is up his arse" or "I'll get that squared away" scary I know 8O

    Does anyone else suffer from this problem?
  2. bucky what about using the on me and prepare to move signals in bars?

    also with a bit of jiggery pokkery you can you the enemy pre seen and enemy not seen signals but with alternate meanings

    you've seen me do it enough times

  3. I told my housemates to 'deconflict' with each other regarding the purchace of some xmas provisions.
  4. i often go on a recce up the street to get eyes on the other bars.
  5. I issue SITREPS to my bemused clients and report events to them AS AT..............
  6. Everytime my hands are full and I get asked to do something I keep saying "stand by" :D

    Not got the "on me" cornered yet....but "stand by" lol
  7. Any one notice how we are now "STANDING UP" forces?.In all my born days I was only aware of "STAND(ING) TO and "STAND(ING) DOWN"And on another nit picking point when did PAX become the abbreviation for Personnel/Persons?IIRC the SOHB/JSP I can-never-remember-the-number-of gives PERS as the apppropriate item
  8. I think it's a Govt thing G. They've shown just about enough interest in the forces to pick up on the troops being called "Toms" (naturally never venturing far enough north to pick up on the quality ones being called Jocks)

    Strange thing though with most of the Govt being of Jock descent they use the Jock version of Tom thereby displaying exactly what they think of us.

    for the non-Jocks it's TAM
  9. I think the term pax comes from crabair which differentiates between crew and passengers (pax). we still use pers - eg. PERSREPS in the normal context although pax does get misused quite often.
  10. One of my guys in NI awarded DCM but had moved to HK with me when time for presentation came round. Didn't want things dishonoured by him getting it from some drunken civil servant on a back porch somewhere behind the HK Club so fixed it he could get it at Buck Hse from Maam. No funding for flight home and back but got him on a kids going home after hols to UK and a granny flight back. Went to meet him at Kai Tak. All sorts of civvies mobbing everything, dotty grandmas, people meeting dotty grandmas.The lot. I caught my blokes eye and gave him "On me". Had a call next day from Jock The Sock (Murray MacLehose - Governor at that time) himself asking how my grandmother came to know such signals! Took opportunity to 'let slip' why no local presentation and, Gawd bless him, he offered to chip in towards cost of flights. Those were the days when we had real officers and gentlemen all in the one body.

  11. Correctumondo
  12. When I was a Gay-You-Oh, my section used to rip the piss when I said things like "Start sparking", "Good skills", "Get a grip" and the like.
    It ruined my self esteem so much I stopped doing it.
  13. Got my section using "Wa nk Chariot" instead of sleeping bag in less than 2 days 8)
  14. HWT- happy with that
    REDDERS- warm
    BLUERS- cold
    HARRY VON- a pretext for redders or bluers for describing extremes.
    SOCK AND PANTS DRAW- to describe something which is in fact 'top draw' or wicked. (as we all keep socks and pants in our top draws) (unless you are a grot)
    the list is endless as you all know
  15. Have had many a poor response or wispered discontent when instructing callers (phone) or similar to "Stand By" or "Wait" whilst contacting the person they called for in the first place. The troops (Civvy) I work with now love using hand signals which the local supervisor knows nothing about. We also use abbreviations that are only known to us whilst in the company of management (enemy).

    Jolly Japes