Have you got the equipment to do the Job?....


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Vibrant. She comes across as utterly- indeed murderously- boring. Her singing contains no emotion and I suspect a retarded border collie could outwit AND make better conversation than her. And she claims its not all about sex... Would be with me luv. Can't see any other redeeming features.
She's got a nice chassis and a night of fun would be more than welcome as well as bragging rights world wide, however as a long term prospect she'd do my box in! Go on her twitter feed and look at the kind of "gangsta" dross she posts, tells you all you need to know. Michelle Rodriguez looks like the type that requires a chap with balls too, I'd much rather have her!
High maintenance leaps to mind, the last one who could be arsed to deal with her got stick for it. Somehow I doubt she's worth the effort tbh.
Quiet news day?
I've got a relatively small cock, their megerness exacerbated by owning testicles the size of swiss exercise balls.

I'm ballsy enough alright, but I'm a bit punchy for her.
She says that she wants someone to make her laugh for an hour.
Can I open the bidding with making her titter for 30 seconds followed by a free phonecall to a taxi company of her choice.
The only equipment you need for her is patience to put up with ego and general sluttiness! Chris brown, one of the poofiest geezers about couldnt handle it and ended up giving her a wee slapping!

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