Have you got any WW2 photos of your barracks in Germany?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Hitch, Jan 17, 2006.

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  1. Looking for some assistance. I'm interested in imagery of any of the BAOR/BFG barracks originally used by the Wehrmacht. This is part of a serious historical research project. I have recently been given a few scans of photos from Herford that were hanging in the Hammersmith Bks Guardoom and the 1 ADSR Conference Room. Set me thinking, what else is hanging on the walls of offices or in private collections.

    Have you seen any photos of your barracks in Germany dated up to 1945 (Cold War not my area, sorry)???

    Would you be able to scan it in or put me in touch with the owner???

    Have you got any private photos of the Germany barracks that you're willing to copy for me???

  2. Post up the ones of Herfy mate. Is the one with the huge swastika flag flying on the parade ground there ?
  3. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I don't have one I could lay my hands on any more, but I do know that at least one existed of Allanbrooke Barracks, Paderborn during WW2.

    A 15/19H journal or a regimental newspaper came out about 1980 and it included this picture. It was taken near the chicane in the perimeter road near the cookhouse and the Education Centre and looked across the regimental square where the NAAFI building and the former HQ Squadron accommodation were clearly visible. The two officers in the (B&W) photo were wearing M1935 Stahlhelme - WW2 issue German helmets - with their No 2 Dress and I was appalled at the two officers' lack of respect for their uniforms. I struggled to identify them until, on closer inspection I realised that they were in fact wearing Wehrmacht Service Dress, essentially indistinguighable in a B&W photo without other identifying features. Contrary to the implications of the unchanging buildings in the picture, the picture was a lot older than I had assumed.

    Speak to the Light Dragoons and maybe they can dig out a copy from the 15/19H archives.
  4. Hitch , there are some serious researchers on feldgrau.net who may be able to help with this.

    They'll take a bit of looking for, but I got quite a good response to an enquiry concerning Airfields in the Berlin area , including one worthy who sent me some actual airfield plans.
  5. Will this do? Wentworth Bks, Herford.


    Click on the image for a bigger picture
  6. This the one you meant:


    Anyone got anything at work????
  7. Bump

    Looking for material for a website now
  8. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Check the sigs forum for the Herford and Celle pictures threads
  9. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    If you go to the RAC 3RTR and 2 RTR forums - pupgreen and soprano 54 are you boys for old Fally B pics complete with marching hun - they have published some on the 3 RTR site.
  10. Hitch, Sorry, I can't help you directly but your project sounds interesting and I wish you luck and hope you get a positive response.

    Have you considered getting in touch with libraries and newspapers of the area? They should hold archive material, newspapers reports/pictures, old post cards etc. I imagine thay would have many photos not correctly recorded... i.e. a visit may require you sitting down and sifting through boxes of old photos/cards. I did this at Chester main library about 10 years ago when researching some of their old town buildings.

    Also, place an ad' in the local German newspapers etc, you'll be surprised what people hold on to.

    I really wish you luck.
  11. May not be on the right note... but there's a room in Officer's Mess PRB (up top) with a whole load of memorabilia from when it was a Luftwaffe Airfield

    Sure you can chat up a loggie/God in a grow-bag to have some piccies taken
  12. Theres also a book been written about PRB from when the Luftwaffe and crabs had it some intersesting pics of the runway being artifcally flooded and cows put on it to graze during WW2 shame I cant remember the title/author but it might jog someones memory
    As an after thought can anyone tell me how to post a KZM file from google earth looking to post up whats left of HQ Rhine garrison in Dusseldorf
  13. The book Brettarider refers to i believe is Flugplatz Gutersloh. A good read and some terrific photo's too.Also the NATO officers mess Sennelager has some good photo's too.The book is by Gerry Lewis.Good luck and keep us posted......
    And there is no mention that the airfield was ever flooded etc.Gutersloh was a night fighter station by all accounts.
  14. Yep, done all that. German town archives normally shudder at requests for anything Third Reich era. Leftie archivists literally pull their buttons off their cardigans and stomp their open toe sandals at the suggestion. Also extremely irritated if you ask to search their files yourself. Tried Soldier magazine and also placing ads in German papers which led to an expensive dent in my wallet to no result whatsoever.

    Seen things in barracks in the past, hope it could be obtained somehow
  15. Cheers anyway but their interest is principally post 1945. I am in touch with pupgreen about pictures - but thanks for the advice