Have you ever read such bile before?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bigdumps, Aug 1, 2008.

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  1. Just browsing and found a news story about Amy Winehouse, not that I care about her to be honest, but someone left a comment on the story of her being admitted to hospital for a 2nd time in a month.

    Here is what he said:

    01 August 13:00


    I wish this ugly, drug ridden, skinny, spotty, pasty faced bitch would just piss off and die, she has very little talent, unless drugs are a talent
    I cant understand why her stupid father dooesnt take the silly bitch in hand and give a slapping,

    Some kind of role model she is for any kid,

    Its a sad world when a Tussuad model looks better than the actual person

    Stop buying this siolly cows music, then she wont have the money to spend on dope

    I hope she dies real quick, just to get her out of the headlines".

    WOW! I have never read anything like it! Jesus - now that is a hater.

    Edited to add link - Angry Derrick
  2. Was it an ARRSEr?
  3. Plumber? Sounds more like a Laaaaahndan cabbie. Innit.
  4. Yes I have read such bile before. All the time, on the NAAFI bar. Check out the forums and see what Flash or MDN has to say about people they don't like. Puts all this 'I wish she'd have an overdose' bllocks into perspective.
  5. There was a big piece on Winehouse in the Sunday Times last week. She wasn't bad looking in 2004. Telling quote "What Amy really likes is for people to worry about her". Jesus, imagine that in a wife or daughter.
  6. Looks pretty tame by NAAFI Bar standards.

    Almost bang on too. Apart from the fact that she does have a fair bit of talent, other than snorting smack, and used to look quite attractive.

    It is a shame, and someone does need to grab her and sort her out.
  7. Dumpy,
    If it is bile you are looking for,you've come to the right place.
    Stick around,you'll see.
  8. That should have been aimed at her husband. Now he is a useless sack of mong spunk. I hope he gets choked from his arrse upwards before he gets out and takes Amy's career even lower.
  9. Actually, Flashies posts tend to be quite good in regards to bile and vitriol I haven't seen any recently though.
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'd like to echo those comments and add 'She's an oxygen thieving, druggy cnut, and the sooner she croaks the better for society, and I hope her boyfriend gets bummed to fcuk and back before he gets found hanging from his prison bars by the neck'.

    Edited to add: He fcuking MARRIED it!!?!?!?!?!?!?! 8O
  11. (clears throat) I wish vermin would inhabit her fcuking stupid beehive hairdo. I wish she could realize what a useless cnut we all think she is. I wish the fcuking waste of space bitch would step on a landmine and survive for a while. I wish her expensive arts school education would explode in her delighted parents faces when she gets knocked up and given AIDS by the same fcuking wasted tramp she decides to invite back to hers after a dope-addled gig. I wish she and Pete Doherty would get fcuking eviscerated by Afghan opium traffickers in an attempt to raise their brand's profile in the UK.

    Is that enough bile?
  12. Imagine, with a small amount of heroin as barter you could see this women perform some unspeakable acts of sexual debauchary. :pale:
  13. You forgot to wish cancer on her and her drug-addled husband.
  14. I believe cancer to be slow and (relatively) painless. That's not the level of bile I was aiming for.
  15. I can't see anything wrong with the comments myself. She may have a little talent, but nowhere near as much as she tries to let on. On top of that she has a complete lack of professionalism.... I mean she can't even carry on a concert when she's off her face and that was the first thing any band pre 1980s had to learn.

    The trouble with these new 'Super Stars' is that they release one CD and expect to have the same acknowledgment as groups that have been producing the good for years.