Have you ever been deferred or refused at medical?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by SL1987, Aug 18, 2010.

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  1. Hello guys,

    It would be great if anyone on this forum could post the details of why they got deferred, aslong as they arent too personal obviously.

    Im just trying to get an understanding of how strict the medical tests are?

    Ive seen various lists on what can get you refused and deferred but I would rather hear of some personal experiences.

    Im a bit worried about the medicals you see :sweatdrop:

  2. Yes last summer i got deferred because i had a shoulder operation in march and was told i had to wait a year to re-apply.Having just sent back my med docs a few weeks back,i received a letter yesterday saying that the medical staff need more info on the operation.I hope it wont turn into unsuitable for inlistment.
  3. If your on about adsc don't worry, there is nothing you can do. Just worry about being fit and not injuring yourself during training.

    Heart murmurs seem to be a common deferral at adsc and to help with that you can cut out fizzy drinks/caffiene prior to doing it.
  4. Ive got ear problems. Ill just focus on my fitness and hope for the best!

  5. I had grommits as a kid and ear issues back then but I passed the medical without a hitch.
  6. this is good to know! Ive had grommits about 4 years ago. Havent had any surgery for the past 3 years or so BUT have had a few infections since then. Got one at the moment, im just hoping the drum isnt perforated.

  7. Yeh mate don't worry its out of your control.

    even though the medical worried me the most too :)

    I suppose I hadn't had any ear trouble for a good 15year though still played on my mind

  8. hey bud, if it aint stressful it aint real, right?

  9. i got deffered for a migraine but appealed and won!
  10. I sufferd from Ear troubles so I know a small few details about the whole 'grommets & Ear' issues , I had two sets in the early parts of life, On my ADSC Medical I was passed clear, It was only when I got to basic the MO asked further questions. If I remember correctly I was sent to see an 'E-N-T' specialist in guildford, This was on the basis that we use our ears for balance and therefore the MO questioned wether I would have an issue with marching PT, So I completed another hearing test and they had a probe around, But I was given the all clear. I wont lie it did effect my basic training start, Think I spent 2 weeks in casuals then a furthur week waiting for my new Troop! I would asume every each individual case is looked at differently

    Thought I would just provide you with my encounters with the whole 'grommets' issue !
  11. I got deffered for a heart murmour, I had to go have a heart scan, it set back my application by about a month or so. This was in 2001 so things might have changed a bit i.e. the time it takes to see a specialist etc.
  12. Search function and MKI eyeball, use em!
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