Have you ever banged anyone remotely famous ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bondi-Babe-Magnet, Aug 19, 2005.

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  1. Anyone out there ever been balls deep with a page 3 type or got any nice grundgy stories of the rich and famous doing anything remotely perverse !

    I once met Michelle Pfiefer in a restuarant in LA -she was up for it but i only had eyes for my big juicy burger -it was the only beef i fancied pounding at that moment.

    Also had two page 3 types rub baby oil over their naked bodies and rub themselves all over my face -lovely, although i did have trouble walking with a huge erection afterwards. I had to batter it against the bar to reduce the blood swell.

    Come on share your stories !
  2. I went out with Jane Middlemiss's sister many years ago but she was a howler.

    Got a pint thrown in my grid off of Jane for letting her in on a little secret - that her sis was a slag.

    Bad idea..................
  3. I once went to a fancy dress party dressed as the sweedish Chef from the Muppets and boned a very drunk Hannah Waterman. ( Daughter of Dennis Waterman ) I also did a bit of a sick up over her norks too!
  4. I once banged the Uber-posh daughter of a well-known Tory peer. Great nosh then did the business with two fingers up her khyber. Ruined her for other men, apparently.
  5. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    No... but a girl I know had a brief affair with a well known comedian who shall remain nameless. Anyway, while this was going on, I was invited to a dinner party as a spare blerk by a mutual friend. I didn't much fancy the spare bird who I was paired off with and opted to get rat-arrsed rather than make the forlorn effort to chat her up. Towards the end of the dinner, the spare bird got a call on her mobile and went off to the kitchen to take it; I raised a bleary eyebrow at this egregious behaviour but was shushed by mine host who said something along the lines of: 'We have to make allowances for X, she's just acquired a rather famous boyfriend...'. At this point, as X returned to the table, I remembered our mutual friend and said: 'Well, you'll never guess who Y is shagging: **** *******!'

    At this point, all went rather quiet, as it turned out that he was also X's famous BF.

    Oddly enough, he married someone completely different about two months later.
  6. Mate of mine went out with a well-known lady newsreader who is occasionally commented upon as crumpet-licious on these forums. She offered my mate the world, big house, flash motor, all the newsreader bird sex he could handle but for some reason he fcuked off with some other bird instead.


  7. I snogged Wendy James (TRANSVISON VAMP ) in Hong Kong 1989 she blew me out and shagged my mate .
  8. I had a wee wee next to "hunter" from Glaaadiiatooorss.

    He was in lycra, I was in my 2's. I think we both knew who the real man was at this particular urinal.

    Wanted to ask him if Ulricacaca was a screamer but he left before I could pluck up the courage!!!!

    As for personally banging anyone famous, no. I haven't.
  9. Not sure if this applies but here it is anyway. When I was 8 years old and living in the Ghetto of the Shankill Road in Belfast I met this girl who was about the same age as me. Well we eventually got swapping spit and played some naughty feely games. Her name was Gina. Many years later I discovered that she is the new Mrs Johny 'Mad Dog' Adair. 8O

    Hope her t*ts got bigger Johny. Or is that why you're a Mad Dog :D
  10. Do they have to be famous at the same time as you were giving them the good news?
  11. No -before is fine !

    I cant believe that Harry Boomers banged Laura from Eastenders -uuurrrgghh that's orrible !
  12. sigh, I haven't shagged anyone famous (an oppo of mine went out with catherine zeta jones cousin) but I'd give my right bollock to do Dido
  13. She is crap, it's not just her life that is for rent...
  14. obviously that was just stalker-esque bitterness; she is gorgeous and I would crawl a thousand miles over broken glass just to *w*a*n*k over her shadow...
  15. you my friend have issues :D