Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by NINJA69, Apr 20, 2007.

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  1. It is a transition period Sunday afternoon/ Monday morning when I change my TA head for a softly spoken site Manager at work, but the phrase of "your not with your bloody TA mates now mate" from the ball and chain brings me back to civi reality.
    It took me a while after Telic to put my civi head back on but I'm nermil noo.
    Have you guys any stories of taking the TA home or to work, (kids on top cover out of the sun roof is mine before you say it).
  2. not really any stories as such but i find that im less inclined to take sh1t, let someone (and everyone else) know if theyre not pulling their weight etc etc, swear alot more when ive just come back off a weekend. i also dont walk anywhere now, its head down, arrse up and tab at high speeds without noticing
  3. I'm the same and when people find out what I do of a weekend they say oh that figures, but I take that as a compliment.
    Swearing is when the ball and chain gets a grip.
  4. I forgot to put my personal weaponback in the armoury one weekend and found it most useful at civvy work for getting my own way in meetings on the Monday, dealing with confrontational types and finally for sorting out our "headcount" issues. I cleaned it and took it back the next day, drill night, and popped it back in the armoury when no one was looking. Luckily the Army saw the funny side!
  5. msr

    msr LE

    "When would like your tea, dear",

    "Whenever you f**king ready"


    "Don't speak to your mum like that..."
  6. I was confronted by my boss in the corridor at the office the other day. He started to explain the new mega project he wanted me to work on.

    "AMBUSH FRONT!" I thought.

    Luckily, I had just come back from a field exercise, so I chinned him, popped smoke and withdrew back to my desk under cover, whilst putting a few rounds down.

    Luckily, we both saw the funny side.
  7. I find falling in step when i'm walking with someone is bloody annoying.
  8. A mate's secretary asked him if he'd like a coffee after being away with the TA once, with his weekend head still on he replied:

    "Ram it up your arrse!"

    Cue harmless little secretary running off in floods of tears!

    It took a couple weeks and plenty of flowers and brews to make up for that one! :D
  9. I hate that but do it all the time, biggest problem for me is being dogged tired on Monday afternoons
  10. Do that also, when i notice i quickly try to get out of step lol something you dont find hard when marching but bloody hard doing it while walking without your mate noticing you skipping down the pavement like a pansy
  11. Yeh I am the same, everyone at work takes the piss as apparently i tab it everywhere.

    I also suffer from the common problem of fallin in step with whoever i am walking with. Even worse when on a night out with other guys from my unit - we was walking down the highstreet the other saturday night and thensuddenly realized we had fallen into 2 ranks and were all bimbling along chattin, yet all in step.
  12. I came back from my summer attachment to a certain Geordie artillery regiment and was taking my son to the supermarket. Passing some Doris, without even thinking about it I muttered to my co-driver (aged five) "She'd get it!"

    "Get what daddy?" came the reply...

    Rapid head adjustment and stern talking to self...
  13. Hand Signals? All my lads in work know a few.
    Come hear and double but I usually get told where to go in African when I do it.
  14. yeah the "come here" signal (outstretched fingers on head) while in a nightclub :oops:
  15. But normal walking is so fcuking slow