Have you contracted CADETS

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Bisley, Mar 28, 2006.

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  1. WARNING...
    There is a dangerous virus being passed electronically, orally and
    by hand!

    This virus is called Casual and Daily Events Trauma Syndrome

    If you receive CADETS from any of our instructors, the Major or
    anyone else via any means DO NOT TOUCH! This virus will wipe out your
    private life completely.

    If you should come into contact with CADETS take 2 good friends to
    the nearest pub. Purchase the antidote known as Best-Equivalent-

    Take the antidote repeatedly until CADETS has been completely
    eliminated from your system.

    Forward this warning to 5 friends. If you do not have 5 friends you
    already been infected and CADETS is controlling your life. 8)
  2. You have a good point Bisley - it does seem to wipe out your private life. The more you do, the more you are expected to do and for (apparently) ever dwindling appreciation and recognition. Beats me why it is so addictive - but yet it is. I could not do without my fix even though I gripe about the increasing array of silly rules and interfering busy-bodies. However pinko-liberal the organisation is becoming the sight of one of our charges beaming with joy after an ambush, obstacle course or shot on the LSW makes it all worth while. Let's not let the Army ruin it.
  3. Good Point

    However, they way to deal with it in my experience is to turn up and hour early and get the paperwork done. I don't let cadets intrude outside of the Parade night apart from weekends away, University work fills all the other gaps as it is!!!
  4. Which Uni you at Xplosiverab and what are you studying?
  5. Lol, History at UWE.

    Was'nt brainy enough to get AAA to get into Bristol, and wanted to stay in my home city as I was pretty much set up here already, hence the UWE.

    Ah well, as said many times before, Uni is what you make it, and A-Levels mean squat as of Week 1 Day 1 at Uni.
  6. I wouldn't worry about not getting into Bristol - the University you've graduated from means squat when you enter employment!
  7. Lol, nice one!
  8. CB,

    I couldn't agree more. Just as 'A' levels count for nothing once you're at uni', uni' gives you fives years head start on those who didn't go. Trouble is most who go don't use that advantage. This means that they find themselves caught up by the others by the time they've been out about five years and then those that didn't go (and are good) regain the advantage because they're more streetwise.

    Think that's where TA or OTC, etc. gives grad's the edge over the 'run of the mill' graduate. Almost all the best people we took in the City were considered to be (TA Tw*ts) thanks to OTC or TA (always thought that was both rude and wrong as most weren't). Think it's an interest that's outside the box coupled with good training and development that makes the difference.

    As for UWE - nothing wrong with it, after all came across people with MA's in knitting and BA's in tourism from really naff uni's and they got jobs. Chemistry is a very useful degree, especially as everyone I know who graduated in it stopped doing it the moment they left! But they all got good jobs and have done well and it doesn't take long for an Oxbridge man to be on level playing field with someone from the University of the Estern Swamplands.

  9. I wish all my paperwork / planning / phonecalls etc could be done in an hour before parade nights when it's already full of cadets arriving and asking questions, briefing instructors etc. However much you try - 'CADETS' seem to take over and impact on work whether it's Uni or The Real World.
  10. You must have a bloody keen bunch of lads then if they're turning up an hour early! All I was saying was that my lot turn up at about 1900, 1st parade at 1915. If i turn up at 1800, then ive got that hour to get the paperwork done.


  11. From the Adults, definitely. I have to ration myself out, so as to be appreciated more!

    As for the paperwork my CO won't 'delegate' and consequently he rarely leaves his office. When he does he's a very good instructor, so I'm trying to get him to give some of it up to me and the other staff
  12. Yeah, the paperwork really is an issue, as some of the best instructors can be CSM's and the Company Commanders etc. I try to get my Company HQ in once a month to teach a lesson, usually 3* , as its someone who's been doing th job for a long time. It gets them away from paperwork, lets me see a perfect 3 or 4* lesson in action, and the Company Commanders enjoy it, as well as the cadets benefitting from the lesson and meeting their company HQ.