Have you considered the ACF ex Regulars urgently needed.

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Birddog, Oct 10, 2004.

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  1. Dear All,

    This might prove controversal but here goes.

    The ACF is in urgent need of more instructors we find it very difficult to recruit new ones. Most are either ex cadets or those who join straight of Civvy Street.

    If any of you are leaving the Service soon do consider us. You have the skills we need and could really make a difference. The TA requires more commitment than we do, simply give as much as you want.

    I know most will be thinking I have just done XX amount of years, but it would be a terrible waste of your qualifications.

    I also know most of you consider us unprofessional, with more ex regs in this is something which could and will improve.

    You all have skills and abilites which those who have not done it for real lack, you could make a difference and remember the Cadets we train today will be looking after you when you are old as they will be running the Country.

    Should anyone want any information about the ACF I would be more than willing to help.

    All I ask is you just keep us in mind should you miss the system too much or want to give more.

    Thank for reading this.

  2. If I want to large it up in front of kids and wear the brand name of Millets or Squaddies R Us then I may give it a go.
  3. Interesting thought...
  4. Good luck with your request Birddog. I don't know much about the ACF but I do remember inspecting an ACF unit whose OC was a splendid man who had heard the pipes at Alamein - yes I was a very young officer indeed at the time of this inspection - I am sure the ACF and more importantly the young people in it will benefit from a leavening of the right sort of people who have done full-time service.
  5. ACF can be good for keeping your hand in once you have left the services, you can still wear green without the bullshit factor :wink:
  6. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    So it was you lot who sent a double dose of BS down our end.

  7. :lol:
    maybe i should clarify .... no more bullshit as in show parades, silly jobs like painting coal white, DS "wheres the crease?" block inspections, punishment drills in Gas mask and battle order etc , that will go out of the window in the ACF.
    POLITICAL bullshit will never go away no matter what organsisation you are in, work, hobby clubs and societies will have that in spades :?
    "The ACF is in urgent need of more instructors we find it very difficult to recruit new ones. Most are either ex cadets or those who join straight of Civvy Street."

    I sent an application form to my local ACF HQ in November, after waiting 3 weeks I phoned to ensure the form haddened been lost. "No it's awaiting action" they replied. Still heard nothing. Are you suprised its difficult to recruit?
  9. Here's one for Jonathan King.........
  10. I expressed interest to the local organisation and was given a sheaf 3" thick of forms to complete. At the time I spoke to a local ACF instructor who said and I quote "I'ts more like a drinking club than a training unit".

    Sorry, for me it's the PC attitude you need to adopt to teach the kids the basics in common sense, self-discipline and the military ethic.

    I’ve been out for some years but would be willing to learn and teach if there weren’t the level of BS that goes with it.

  11. i think that is bad, having said that one of the reason for some slow pace in application process is references and worse is the essential CRB checks to make sure you don't have any kiddy fiddling in your past which can take up to 6 months.
    what you can do in that time depending on the county in question, you can attend a detachment as a Civilian Instructor (CI) an adult would have to accompany you tho, that way you can still keep your interest up and get to know the people in the Det and county and build up contatcts to make your life easier :wink:
  12. I applied to both the Surrey and London areas for information on Adult Instructors and received a reply from neither. I'm not ex reg but have 10 years TA experience as a Siggie and Infantry.
    After several attempts I gave up trying
  13. I am Ex Reg and Ex TA SNCO with 16 years service in all. I also have experience of training civilians. I did think about doing this. Made enquiries in South London/Surrey and they never bothered responding.

    If they are having trouble recruiting, judging by this thread, the reasons are plain.
  14. Best route is to turn up at your local Detachment and make enquiries. Ask the DC to phone his or her Company Commander and take it from there. Sad that valuable people are being lost through crap admin.

    My County runs at least 3 open days a year aimed specifically at new AI's. My newest SI went to one, did her forms, 3 weeks later she was on Induction, month after that on Initial Training Course and now, about 3 months in fully qualified and in post. That would be how it SHOULD happen I suppose.

    For info my County allows you to begin your Adult Induction pending clearance however you only work with Cadets once finally cleared but normally you are allowed to help out in Detachment prior to that.