Have you completed your NEBOSH etc. but now looking for a job?

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Salus, Oct 13, 2012.

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  1. Hi everyone, This is my first post here, forgive me if I'm breaking any golden rules here, I did email the site admin a week ago asking if I could post this here but nobody got back to me.

    I basically run a bespoke CV writing service just for HSE experts and many of my customers come from the military. A lot have just passed their NEBOSH courses before leaving service and then go out into 'Civvy Street' and don't get a break because their CV's are not up to scratch.

    I believe there is a certain transition service you get after leaving the military but most I speak to say the CV's they write are really not that good. If you are interested in seeing what I can do then please email me, quoting this ARRSE website so I know where you came from to mark.davis@salus.com for a FREE initial Assessment.

    By the way, I have 10 yrs solid experience in the HSE sector so I know exactly what Recruiters, Clients etc want to see on a CV. You can see some of my recommendations on my linked in profile HERE

    Regards Mark.
  2. Beautiful, another recruitment firm.

    You ******* leeches.
  3. Mark,

    Welcome, do you charge a consultancy fee, only I'm out soon and my CV probably needs a bit of work?
  4. Jesus Badger, was there really any need for that? I run two business's this one is **** all to do with Recruitment. Dont tar us all with the same brush. I am specifically focussed on one industry, and that's Safety, I'm not going to bullshit to everyone claiming I can change their life by getting them a job, just offering the safety guys a bit of a helping hand with my service.
  5. Bluntslane, send me an email fella and I'll send you some info to your email. I'm scared to post in here now after the lovingly warm reception I just got from Badger.
  6. Welcome salus.

    Can you give us an interesting fact about SHEF?

    No, didn't ******* think so.
  7. Ah ha, Mark, i'm sure your aware that due to current painful redundancies a fair few Service Websites/Forums are awash with CV modifiers, CV collectors and just general Companies seeking ex-Service paying pittance so you should'nt be surprised that the old few replies will be either luke warm or ice maiden type.

    Anyway, i'm always on the lookout for HSE Networking bods with significant experience so a PM might be swinging it's way to you shortly.
  8. Ah SHEQ, the ultimate destination for all boring *****. If you like people smiling and nodding then agreeing what a boring **** you are when they get out of the room of doom then its the career for you
  9. Can you give us an interesting fact about SHEF?

    SHEF? Safety Health Environmental and what's the F? Facilities? What's your point? Or are you just a bit bored at home, on your own, wanked yourself to death so now just trawling through sites being a **** to people. seriously what the **** is wrong with everyone on this site?
  10. Look Guys, whatever your opinion of Recruiters etc, I don't think I'm going to convince anyone I'm any different by the looks of things. I work for myself, I'm not one of this shitty Recruitment ********* who are going to pretend to find you a job, I'm not going to use a template for your CV, I just work in the Safety side of things offering a bit of health. My service isn't free AFTER the free assessment but I'm more than happy to do the first 'Safety' person on here a free CV re-write so maybe he / she will come back on here and put your fears aside that I'm not some jumped up little shit trying to take you for a ride. OK?
  11. A llittle bit of advice from someone who left the forces 18 years ago:

    investigate every possible opportunity which presents itself. You never know.
  12. Salesmen Hardly Ever Quit?
  13. Salus, from your response to Spaz regarding what is the F in SHEF, leads me to believe that either you have never served in the military or you have not had many (or any) dealings with ex-military types. As the F stands for Fire, all health and safety advisors within the military are SHEF advisors. And if you are an RAMC Environmental Health Technician, then they are the Brigade SME's (subject matter experts) who are all NEBOSH qualified. I am not a SHEF advisor, but every squaddy knows what the hell these people do, especially when they quote the H&S at Work Act 1974 and what is reasonably practicable.

    But, regarding your sales pitch towards potential customers, I don't think it has convinced many Arrser's and most of the people who have questioned your motives are more than likely already NEBOSH qualified.

    I would say try a different sales tactic or bite the bullet and stop flogging a dead horse.
  14. This is my last post. Mick, you can go and **** yourself telling me it would be ok to come here. I wouldn't piss on half of this lot if they were on fire. I cant believe they have been so fucked over by people that I am now being spoken to like I'm a villain before even giving me a go. I even offered to give my service FOR FREE to someone to prove I wasn't being a knob jockey as that **** above put it. **** it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.