Have you been snappedspeeding....?

>>>>Read carefully and pass this on.
>>>>It could save you or a friend in the future !
>>>>For all the drivers...
>>>>Following the Governments freedom of information act you can now
>>>>access to speed camera offences registered in the last
>>>>12 months.
>>>>Did you know that every time your car goes past a speed camera,even
>>>>over the set limit it is registered and put on a database?
>>>>You only get a ticket if you are way over the limit or, (this is
the bit
>>>>that we didn't know) if you receive over 20 near misses, you will
>>>>classed as a serial offender and get a ticket the next time you go
>>>>over the limit.
>>>>This is why you hear of people being done for 34mph in a 30 limit
>>>>whilst others doing 39 do not.
>>>>You can check what has been registered against your vehicle at the
>>>>following address
>>>>You will be asked for a password but just click on the need a
>>>>link and you will be given one for future use.
>>>>If there is any data on your vehicle you can click on the camera.
What a load of Bo!!ox.

Noone really believes that sh!te do they?

Spike, learn how the speed camera works, then re-read your post above!
Yeah, but just think of the admin vortex that all those FOIA requests will generate. :twisted: That'll fcuk 'em.

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