Have you been on a foreign posting as a military spouse?

If you have you could really help my study! At the beginning of 2011 I posted a link for my PhD study looking at the impact of being on a foreign posting with the British military as an accompanying spouse. I needed participants for an online forum and had a great response so thank you again for your help!

Anyway, this time for the last part of my study I am running a short, COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS, online survey which is purely a tick box response and will take around 10 - 15 mins to complete. If you have a few mins to look at it that would be great as it allows me to determine the different types of support different spouses need whilst on a foreign posting. I need to get as many responses as possible to make my results more robust, so if you do have a few mins please have a look at my website for more details Operation Spouse Overseas | For all spouses of the British military -wherever you may be!

This is the very last phase of my study so if you fancy taking part have a look at the link above, or if you have any questions my contact details are available on my website.

Thank you!!
I know a few lucky female spouses who have accompanied their husbands to Germany, Cyprus, Belize, Brunei and the Falklands.

And to a woman, they've all been fucked by other men behind their husband's back because all women are whores.
Out of interest GC, how does your university judge the validity of an anonymous online poll that canvasses known bullshitters?

I can understand a journalist looking for a cheap anonymous quote, but for a PhD, your information gathering method seems to lack the academic rigour of a quick search on Wikipaedia.
to be fair, i used an online survey for my MSc research..most unis aren't that fussed as long as the fees are paid on time
I can assure you that the methodologies used in my PhD are extremely rigorous and valid otherwise my University and the MoD would not have given me ethics approval.
we invaded Iraq on the pretense that they were a threat to our national security, i wouldn't get too excited about the MoD's ethics approval system.

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