Have you been/are you going through medical discharge?

Have you been medically discharged from the British Armed Forces? Soldier On! would like to hear from service personnel who have made the transition into the civilian world and to hear your stories. This is to help us make our service better and is not for any media purposes. Please contact me: nicholas@soldieron.org.uk Thank you

Soldier On! is a charity that provides career management support to medically discharged service personnel. We work with individuals who have been discharged for ANY medical condition and our aim is not to simply place people into a job, but to assist you to find the 'right' job for you.

As mentioned this is a serious question and we would like to hear from at least 100 individuals. We are not doing this for any TV documentary or anything like that, we are doing this because we feel that in order to get our offering just right we need to understand your thoughts having been through it in the past.

Thank you very much - Nicholas
Guys - Thank you to those who have contacted us directly. It is very much appreciated.

If others who have read this post and have been MD'd have not contacted us, please would you give this some serious consideration.

It is our most sincere desire to do do all we can to do something radical - We want to make sure that medically discharged service personnel from the British armed forces are given the very best resettlement support possible...

BUT - We need your help! We need to hear from you so that we operate according to your requirements and needs. We are engaged with senior ministers and senior MoD staff and have the opportunity here to make a difference, but we can only do this with your input. Please contact us: nicholas@soldieron.org.uk

Thank you very much!

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