Have we mothballed our SLRS?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Random_Task, Feb 5, 2006.

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  1. Obviously, those that were used in Bloody Sunday were destroyed,and didn't find their way into the hands of West African rebels. :roll:

    However, how much 'gear' do you think the MoD has mothballed, for that rainy day?
  2. No idea but, can i have one? oh go on.

  3. I remember at 7 sigs in the late 80,s 2 Sqns were mothballed. All the kit was done up to PRE standard then parked up on jacks in one of the secure garages. The 7 sigs of old is no more though so the mothballed kit was probally passed onto the TA or spread around the rest of the corps.

  4. It wasnt there when i was there in 1993 must have found its way to darker places by then

  5. Not saying where, but I have visited, some years ago mind a secure warehouse with 200, 000 SLR's boxed up (By then we were all using L85) there was heaps of other kit as well all nicely wrapped up. Don't know if the kits still there, but the warehouse certainly is.
  6. Great. We can have them dished out when the Syrians invade.
  7. Did,nt alot of SLRs,SMGs & LMGs find thier way to India to replace the No4 lee Enfields they were still using right up to the early 90,s ?.

    Regards LT.
  8. Most these weapons have sold or given away to emerging Nations
  9. This was late 90's that I saw them.
  10. It would be interesting to know how many SLRs we actually owned . Must be up near the 500,000 mark do you reckon ?? Bearing in mind the Army was alot bigger then plus the TA, Navy , RAF etc.

  11. Got to be more than that, when was it introduced?
  12. The FN was developed from 1946 and tested by the US in 1952. Introduced in service with the Canadians in 1956 even before it was adopted as the standard Belgian service weapon, it was adopted by the British Army as the L1A1 in 1957.
  13. I was told by someone in whom I have every confidence that we purchased 350,000 and I believe that they entered service in the 1960s but have no evidence (of course, the Army in the 1960s must have been c180,000 strong with a sizeable TA element (but the Cavalry and Tankies also used the SMG in large numbers). Most of the SLRs were stored in a very large warehouse a few years ago, but I have no idea what has happened to them since. As long as they were prepared for storage beforehand, and kept in a low humidity environment, they should still be serviceable!

    The joys of pokey drill with a weapon weighing God knows how much! However, I always scored well on the ranges so it can't have been that poor a weapon!

    Off-topic, I know, but I wonder what happened to the SMGs? They were cheap and cheerful to make and I can't see any reason for hanging onto them!

  14. The SMGs probally went the same way as the SLRs & LMGs.

  15. I saw some in the Armoury at Brize Norton, so they're still in use, I don't know who by though